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Students are back for the fall semester, and will be once again clamoring for delicious caffeine and food items to fuel their school days! Not ready yet? - Fulfill your supply list at BPS!


Lively Libations

Back to School!

Need more Caffeine?

For some cafes, back-to-school season means a high volume of caffeine-hungry students and parents that power their fall business. As the tides change, and we enter this season, our Customer Service staff has put together some high-caffeine beverages that do not disappoint!


New Product!

Cub Chai Original 1:1

from David Rio

Cub Chai Original is a vegan and all natural microbrew concentrate with defined flavors of fresh pressed ginger, cinnamon, cardamom, cloves, black pepper, and a hint of brown sugar. Served hot or cold, the result is a spectacular chai spicy chai latte that will transport you to the wild side.


New Product!

For a Limited Time Only!

Frozen Bean Presents:

Beverages that are sure to brighten anyone's day - Chocolate Horchata and Lemon Creamsicle! Great for customers of all ages! These flavors are flexible: add a shot of Espresso to the Chocolate Horchata or use the Lemon Creamsicle as a smoothie base, and enjoy the great flavors of Frozen Bean!


New Product!

Classic Spiced Chai Latte

from Cappuccine

With a spicier flavor profile than their original Spiced Chai Latte, Classic Spiced Chai Latte takes you back to chai tea as it was first introduced to America. They've recreated it and brought it back with seven comforting spices – ginger, cardamom, star anise, cloves, cinnamon, honey and Madagascar vanilla


Now Available!

Cherry Lemon Green Tea & Wild Berry Hibiscus

Are Now Available in Loose Leaf!

Have you tried Mighty Leaf's Cherry Lemon Green Tea and Wild Berry Hibiscus yet? If not, you may want to see what all the excitement is about! Now available in loose leaf, you can make it as strong or mild as you want! Feel good about your tea!


New Product!

4 New Iced Teas

from Mighty Leaf

Looking to expand your iced tea options? These new Mighty Leaf options may be just what you were looking for! - Organic Green Sunburst, Pomegranate Berry, Organic Green Tea Tropical, and Organic Wild Berry Hibiscus.


New Product!

Ghirardelli Hot Fudge Sauce

Enjoy your beverages with the perfect sundae topping!

Bold chocolate brownie notes come together with hints of salt and a delicate creamy, caramel finish for a taste that is out of this world! The squeeze bottle is custom-made to easily fit into your bottle warmers; allows greater control for plate-scraping desserts, drink topping, and decorating.


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