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Fun With Frappes

by Kari Guddeck and Jay Weller @ Barista Pro Shop

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Blended iced coffees, frappes, frozen coffee, or whatever name you choose for those popular blended drinks are a natural product for the premium independent coffeehouse. Any drink on the menu that can be served hot, can also be served frozen and blended. If your customers love a certain hot drink, but don't want to buy it when it's 70° outside, convert them to the frozen version of their drink. The opposite can be true too. Hook a customer in the summer time on a drink, and when it gets cold next Fall, you can easily convert them to the hot version. Some other reasons to serve Blended Iced Coffee:

Brand & Product Comparison
Barista Pro Shop carries a huge selection of products that can be used for Blended Iced Coffee. Below are some of the more popular products as well as some hints on how to make your Blended Iced Coffee really special and unique.

A word on the tools you'll need
Barista Pro Shop offers blenders from the leading manufacturers in the business-Blendtec and Vita-Mix. We have packages available to get you up and running if you are interested, and we carry many of the parts and extra canisters for your blender. Most importantly, we'd like to take this opportunity to strongly encourage you to buy a commercial blender-even if it's not from us! The "high end" residential blenders readily available at the local big box or club store will not serve you well over the long run, and you'll end up buying a commercial blender eventually anyway. It's a good investment. Trust us.

Profit Calculator
Registered wholesale users of Barista Pro Shop may long in to their account to use our Blended Iced Coffee profit calculator. This calculator allows you to build your drink the way you want to, and determine what your profit margin will be based on the prices you charge.