Do you cold brew?

by Julia Leach, Owner @ Toddy, LLC

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The secret ingredient.

Cold brewing is a process that replaces the heat of traditional hot brew methods with time. Instead of running steaming hot water quickly through coffee grounds, cold brewed coffee is made by steeping coffee grounds in cold water for approximately 12 hours. The result is a rich, super-smooth coffee extract that is very low in acid and free of many of the compounds that can make coffee bitter. Whether or not you've ever heard of it, chances are you've already tasted cold brewed coffee served by a restaurant or coffee shop. Cold brewing is becoming a popular method for creating signature iced coffee drinks that customers love. Many owners say that their cold brewed drinks are so popular because they simply taste better than similar drinks served by others.

Pre-made signature drinks that taste fresh all day.

Convenience is a key benefit of cold brew. Hot brewing coffee releases oils and other compounds from coffee beans that go stale or rancid over time - so you really need to brew fresh several times each day. Cold brewing coffee, on the other hand, produces a pure coffee extract that can be refrigerated for up to three weeks without losing its freshness. Keeping fresh coffee extract on hand also saves wear and tear on your espresso machines and prevents your staff from having to pull shots for every iced coffee order. Many coffee shops mix coffee extract with fresh ingredients (milk, sugar, flavored syrups, etc.) in batches to pour throughout the day.

Cold brew isn't just for coffee.

Serving cold brewed iced tea is also growing in popularity - for good reason. Cold brewed tea is smoother and softer than hot brewed tea - it lacks the bitter bite that often accompanies iced tea made with hot water and its flavor doesn't quickly degrade. Cold brewing is ideal to bring out the full flavor of delicate teas, which are susceptible to burning. It is a great option for serving fresh-tasting iced tea throughout the day without continually brewing new pots. Many coffee shops prefer cold brewed tea for iced and blended tea lattes, both for the convenience and the flavor profiles.

Getting started.

The patented Toddy Cold Brew System - Commercial Model is a non-electrical brewer that yields approximately 2.5 gallons of extract (similar in strength to espresso). It takes just a few minutes to set up - coffee shops commonly prepare a batch at the end of the day and extract the liquid in the morning. To create your own signature drinks, we recommend starting with a ratio of (1) one part extract to (3) three parts water, milk or soy. Experiment with your own fresh ingredients and flavors - then serve over ice or blended with ice. Whether or not you keep it a secret is up to you!

A retail goldmine.

The Toddy Home Model is a great way to expand your retail offerings, especially if you sell coffee by the pound. Home users love the Toddy system because it allows them to make specialty iced coffee drinks as well as hot coffee that is naturally low in acid. Customers who become avid users of the Toddy system will also need replacement filters and freshly ground coffee - they'll naturally want to buy these items from their favorite coffee shop.

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