Snowed in with Toddy

by Bill Guddeck @ Toddy LLC

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Toddy, hot! Why? You have a commercial brewer and an espresso machine. You've got your hot coffee bases covered, right? Well, you also have that Toddy system that usually gets put away as the seasons change; why not make the most of it? Change the way you look at your Toddy, and don't let it hibernate this winter – explore Toddy hot!

Here are a few ideas to get you serving Toddy cold brew in a hot new way:

Spiced coffee is super easy with Toddy. Steep spices with the coffee or add a pinch of blended spices to the cup just before serving. The Toddy concentrate provides the perfect canvas for showcasing a variety of additions. Our Pumpkin Spice coffee is a wonderful pairing to the wintery season.

Give that hot chocolate a little coffee kick with a shot or two of Toddy concentrate. The smooth, thick texture of the coffee seamlessly combines with the creamy nature of hot chocolate, while the bold flavor adds just the right amount of coffee essence without unwanted bitterness or acidity.

Don't forget the peppermint stick to stir in a little holiday cheer. Toddy's chocolaty quality melts wonderfully with the peppermint. Festive and delicious!

Try brewing your decaf coffee using the Toddy. Instead of throwing out half full airpots of your decaf drip every three to four hours, brew a decaf Toddy and you can sell it all before it goes stale. No waste!


Try making your own Chai Tea concentrate this winter. Steep your spices and tea in the Toddy, blend with sugar or honey, and then steam with milk as needed. Keeps refrigerated for weeks and gives you the freedom to design the Chai you have always wanted.

Tea lattés are better when you use a cold brewed tea concentrate rather than a bitter, over-extracted hot brewed tea. It's also faster to pour a couple of shots of tea concentrate into your steaming pitcher with milk, rather than waiting for the tea to brew. Brew up your own Yerba Maté concentrate in the Toddy. Add honey, sugar, or agave nectar and adjust the sweetness to your taste.

Toddy's low acid easily welcomes acidic additions without making an astringent, off balanced drink. Throw in a lemon wheel, squeeze in a lime wedge, or add a twist of grapefruit.

Millions of Americans have difficulty drinking acidic coffee. Get their business by having a low acid option. Decaf, Regular,... Low Acid?

The Toddy System's cold brewed flavor profile and concentrated nature lend it a versatile advantage over tradition brewing methods. Your bread and butter will, most likely, still be an espresso-based latté. However, try using Toddy differently this winter and maybe something new and exciting will result.


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