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In-Store Advertising, Insights to Increase Your Sales!

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When it comes to the actions of your customers and potential customers there are a few things you can always count. First of all, we eat and drink with our eyes. Secondly, we love a good story behind what we are about to order. Finally, isn't it human nature that we always want to try what the person before us had? So how do you make these insights work for your specialty coffee operation?

Often your customer is undecided when they walk in the door, and are looking to you to help them make their decision. Remember, we drink with our eyes, so grab their attention immediately with a beautiful drink image or images as they walk in the door. Place your poster near your front door or in a window for maximum exposure. Solidify their choice by reinforcing the featured drink with a counter card near the register.

Operators often ask us how long they should leave a certain poster and counter card up in their store before changing them out? We at DaVinci Gourmet, Oregon Chai, and Jet Smoothies provide you with five different posters / counter card combinations per quarter. We usually recommend around a 3 – 4 week period per featured drink. This time period will allow your customers and prospective customers ample time to try your featured drink.

You have the mouth watering drinks to grab the customer, but what about the story? People often associate certain flavors or tastes with certain times of the year. Bring your customers into the season with a story behind your drinks. Our in-store merchandising has started the story for you. All of our posters and counter cards contain seasonal names and backgrounds to help your customers get into the appropriate time of the year. Take it one step further with fun seasonal decorations to help support your featured drink / season. What about small pumpkins to support your Pumpkin Pie Latte, or a bushel basket of apples for your signature Chai Apple Cider.

By now you have sold your featured drink to your customer at the register, but how do you make sure you sell it to the third person in line that may be undecided? This is done by finishing the drink with a garnish that reflects the ingredients or theme of the drink. Let's use a cinnamon latte for example. If you add red hot hearts to the top of the whipped cream it now become a Red Hot Heart Latte. People will notice the fun garnish and try something new.

For additional information on the DaVinci Gourmet, Oregon Chai, and Jet seasonal merchandising program and products visit www.mydrinkworks.com or call 800-640-6779.