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Teabags, sachets or loose? Oh my!

Thursday May 28, 2015 by Jen Okeson @ Two Leaves and a Bud

Across the U.S., consumer awareness of and appreciation for tea is expanding, and specialty tea sales are growing. Is your café’s tea service keeping up with your customers’ evolving taste?  Between teabags, sachets, and loose tea, choosing the perfect hot tea service can be a daunting task, especially for the café owner or manager who has a thousand other choices to make.

While tea in its simplest form is bulk bags of loose tea, the simplest service method for you may be the traditional paper teabag.  But which of these hot tea service options is the perfect fit for your café?

Basic paper teabag

Everyone knows the paper teabag routine…and it works! It couldn’t be easier: put teabag in mug, pour in hot water, enjoy! Paper tea bags are an ideal option if you’re using water that isn’t boiling hot, as you can still extract lots of flavor from the finely-cut tea.

Two Leaves and a Bud takes the simple paper teabag to the next level with a beautiful, organic, fair trade range of traditional teabags called Paisley Label Tea. Paisley is top-requested, classic flavors, plus some fruit-forward, tart herbals (an emerging flavor trend!), at a cost of just $.21 per serving.

Convenient whole leaf tea sachet

Tea sachet service is just as convenient as the teabag, but offers a more memorable and flavorful customer experience: clear sleeves and pyramid-shaped sachets filled with whole tea leaves that plump when steeped. It’s a “see the tea” personal experience. Sachets are fresh, easy, and convenient. And at a cost of about $.34/serving, sachets are still some of the most profitable items in café service.

Authentic and elemental loose tea

Two Leaves and a Bud - Loose Tea w/ scoopLoose tea gets your café team and your customers up-close and personal with the tea, and really only calls for one additional brewing accessory — a filter or infuser to hold the loose tea leaves, or you can even brew the loose leaves in a french press. Tea drinkers see their cup or pot of tea prepared just for them and can watch those glorious steeping leaves unfurl before their eyes! It is almost as easy as the teabag or sachet options, with a single extra step of scooping the tea into an infuser or T-Sac bag. The cost per serving ranges from $.14 to $.20. Add $.05/serving if using T-Sac filter bags, or serve in-house in teapots, which also make great retail items.

Have you shied away from loose tea because it seems too complex? Two Leaves and a Bud keeps tea simple. The loose tea starter kit contains everything you need to get your loose tea service up and running:Introducing the Two Leaves and a Bud - Loose Tea Starter Kit at Barista Pro Shop

-          2 sleeves each of our 8 top-selling teas in café

-          8 display tins

-          1 wood shelf for the display (handmade in Oregon!)

-          2 tea scoops

-          2 100-ct boxes of filter bags 

It takes just a tad more effort to measure the loose tea into the filter bag or teapot, but we think it’s time well spent. We take tea personally and hope your guest does too.

Is your tea service the best it can be? Take a moment to think about which type of hot tea service is the right fit for your café. Any of the above options from Two Leaves and a Bud will result in happy tea-drinking customers. Cheers!