Making Your Own Whipped Cream

by Kari Guddeck

Why Make Your Own Whipped Cream?

In today's fast paced society it's hard to find time to stop and smell the roses, let alone make your own whipped cream! Consider, however, the final touch of authenticity and quality freshly made whipped cream can add to your drinks. With the effort and expense you put into filling your cups with the best ingredients and craftsmanship, why not extend those high standards above the rim. Making your own whipped cream is a quick and easy way to further personalize your menu, create a delectable upcharge, and reaffirm your commitment to producing high quality experience!

Getting Started
Whipped cream out of a can may be convenient, but out of your own dispenser it is far superior in quality and only a tad more time consuming. To begin making your own topping, you'll need to purchase a dispenser, N2O cartridges, fresh whipping cream, and a sweetener. Barista Pro Shop carries the iSi line of dispensers and cartridges and we are currently featuring a special package deal (*see below for details). The dispensers range in price depending on size and style and replacement parts are also available. Most coffee shops use their flavored syrups as the sweetener for their whipped cream. Just pour whipping cream and a couple of shots of syrup into your dispenser, charge with an N2O cartridge, and you've got yourself a premium topping. Customers will know you care about quality when they see you top their drink from a "made from scratch" dispenser. After one taste they'll be hooked and willing to pay a little extra for your tasty premium beverages.

Add Your Personal Touch
Whipped cream offers you another chance to create signature drinks that will have customers returning to your shop for more. As mentioned above, flavored syrups are often used as the sweetener in whipped cream preparation. This doesn't mean that you have to limit yourself to the standard vanilla. Consider having a second whipped cream dispenser with a special flavor of the day or week. Using unique flavors can add flair to any drink. Throw a shot of cherry syrup in your whipped cream, because every drink is a little happier with a cherry on top! Keep in mind all of the assorted colors and flavors your syrups can add to holiday drinks (peppermint paddy makes green topping perfect for St. Patty's Day and think pink or red for Valentine's Day). Don't forget those customers who are dedicated to organic products. Use organic whipping cream and organic Monin syrup for a healthy and environmentally friendly topping. Have fun with it, the possibilities are endless!

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