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What's Big in Smallwares?

by Kari Guddeck @ Barista Pro Shop

smallwares in your coffee shopHave you taken a close look around your shop lately? Are things looking a cluttered, outdated, or even a little damaged? You can give your space an affordable face lift by investing in an often overlooked category--smallwares. Smallwares encompasses everything from condiment bar organizers and mugs to tampers and steaming pitchers. They are the little things that can make coffee shop life a little easier, organized, and looking good.

A major challenge facing many coffee shop owners is how to fit all of their customers' favorite products into a very limited space without falling prey to disorder. You've seen it. Syrup bottles covering the counter, the forgotten flavors in the back row unreadable by the barista. Tea boxes stacked precariously on top of each other waiting to tumble as a customer chooses their tea bag. Condiments in disarray. Clutter can make the cleanest shop feel sloppy and uninviting. Organizers can help you clean up the clutter and add to the functionality of your bar and condiment area. Let's start with racks. Racks not only clear up valuable counter space, they can add to the speed of drink preparation. Take our syrup example. A syrup rack displays bottles in tiers which gives baristas easy access and a clear view. This cuts out the time involved in shuffling through bottles on the counter trying to find the desired flavor. Racks in varying sizes are available for several other products behind the bar including: tea boxes, sauces, and biscotti. Often, racks are made specifically for a particular brand of product so make sure to check before buying.

Organization shouldn't be limited to the space behind your counter. Condiment bars are notorious mess magnets. Since this might be the last stop your customers make in your shop, leave a good impression by cleaning it up and keeping things in order. Modular organizers and snap bins are excellent ways to organize your condiment bar. These come in varying sizes and are designed to fit your particular needs. Only need a place for lids and napkins? Then buy two holders, snap together, and you are good to go. It only gets more elaborate from there. Options for building a better condiment bar are numerous and allow you to use your creativity to customize your space. The result is a clean, sleek look. So, snap to it and banish that leaning tower of lids!

an organized coffee shopSmallwares can help you organize, but they are also the tools necessary for premium drink preparation and presentation. That old nicked tamper may hold a special place in your heart and hand, but those tiny scratches and dings can prevent you from having the smoothest tamp possible resulting in a sub par shot of espresso. Make sure that you showcase your skill at drink making in a clean, undamaged mug. Nothing is worse than settling in at your favorite coffee shop, ordering a latte with killer art, and needing to avoid the huge chip on the rim of the mug. Mugs should be free of chips, cracks, and stains. Think about investing in a set of mugs with sizes that match your to go cups to ensure consistency in drink preparation. In the end shiny new spoons, pitchers, tampers, knock boxes, mugs, etc. can instantly rejuvenate a tired looking bar without breaking the bank.


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