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Hi!! I own a small coffee shop. My problem is that when adding flavor to the coffee we do not have a table that tells you how many shop per cup. We do have a: 12, 16, 20, & 20oz cups. What do you recommend as a guide??

Hello! As a general guide, most syrup pumps provide 1/2 oz. of syrup. So for a 12 oz. drink, 1-2 pumps (about 1 oz.) for syrup is usually a safe bet. For 16 oz., 2-3 pumps (1-1.5oz.); 20 oz. drinks, 3-4 pumps (1.5-2 oz.). 

I hope this is helpful for you, if you have any other questions, please feel free to contact our Customer Service team at 1-866-776-5288.



The pumpkin spice premium gourmet syrup needs refrigeration or not? I do not see any info on the label. Thanks.

The Pumpkin Pie syrups do not need to be refrigerated.


I need to know how to read the expiation date on A carton of Jet smoothie ....

To read a code on Jet Smoothies, you will find a number that looks like this: 06261302101

06: Month of the year
26: Day of the month
13: The year
021: Product line designation
01: Subcode- divides the production run into segments

This code represents the time of manufacturing. 

I recently purchased 3 pound bags of Vanilla and espresso fit frappe powder, however the packages were thrown out by accident. Can you tell me the instructions on how much powder to use for iced and blended frappes. Do you have tubs and scoops for these products. Thank you

The mixing directions for Big Train Fit Frappe Blended for a 16oz glass : Pour 6 oz of water into a blender add 2 scoops or 1/2 cup of Big Train mix and 1 1/2 cups of ice and blend until smooth.

To make a 8oz hot drink add 1 scoop or 1/4cup of fit frappe mix to 7oz of hot water and stir well.

We do have Big Train Fit Frappe Tubs and scoops but they are not  on the website. When checking out on your next order go to the comment box to request one and we will add it to your order.

We have hired two experienced baristas with different opinions on how to make flavored espresso drinks. One mixes the flavor with the espresso, then adds the steamed milk; while the other adds the flavor to the milk and steams it together then adding it to the espresso. Is one way "right"? Is it bad to steam flavoring in the milk?

We've seen it done both ways and neither is necessarily right or wrong, but it is more common to see a barista mixing the flavor into the shots.  The advantages to this method are speed, volume, and machine cleanliness.  By adding flavor to the milk, that milk is only good for that one drink.  This is fine if there is only one drink to make but if you have multiple drinks then you would have to dump the pitcher and rinse it after every drink is made which can slow you down and create waste. By adding the syrup first you can steam a larger quantity of milk and finish multiple drinks at the same time.

Adding the syrup to the milk, especially if it is a sauce or powder, creates a more consistent flavor throughout the drink (and flavored foam...yum!).  If time is not an issue, and the barista is skilled in measuring the right amount of milk per drink, then this is not a bad way to prepare beverages.  However, If you choose to do this make sure you are diligent about cleaning your steam wands!  Purge your steam wand after every drink (which you should be doing anyways), and use a product like Rinza every day.  The added sugars in syrups, sauces, and powders can increase build up in your steam wand which can contaminate other drinks and cause damage to your machine. *Helpful hint designate one steam wand to this task*   

Does the Big Train blended cremes have coffee in them?I don't want to serve that to kids if it does.

The Big Train Blended creams are a delicious coffee-free beverage that is a great option for kids or people sensitive to coffee.

Do you have a DaVinci recipe for a caramel mocioto?

Caramel macchiato (From Starbucks) - Freshly steamed milk with vanilla-flavored syrup, marked with espresso and finished with caramel sauce.

To make a 12oz. glass add 1oz. or 3pumps of Vanilla syrup.  Add 10oz. of steamed milk and 1 shot of espresso over top. Drizzle 1oz. of caramel sauce over the top of the shot letting the caramel sauce bring the espresso down through the milk and enjoy!

This recipe can be made with DaVinci, Monin, or Torani syrup products.

What is the difference between an Italian soda and a French soda?

They are essentially the same drink. The Italian soda is made with club soda (or seltzer water), flavored syrup, and ice. When you add half and half to the Italian soda then it becomes a French soda or an Italian cream soda.

What is the difference between an Italian soda and a French soda?

They are essentially the same drink. The Italian soda is made with club soda (or seltzer water), flavored syrup, and ice. When you add half and half to the Italian soda then it becomes a French soda or an Italian cream soda.

Is there a trick to the Italian(Cream) Sodas and making them look nice and smooth, not curdled like?


The curdling happens when dairy is mixed with citrus. Unfortunately there is not a way to stop this from happening unless you use dairy friendly products like Torani’s  Dairy friendly orange syrup.  Another way to postpone the curdling is to add the syrup first, seltzer water, Ice and the pour the cream over top. Let the cream fall to the bottom then stir gently as you consume the beverage.  If this drink is for a customer, serve the beverage without mixing the drink. This will not only prevent curdling right away but will also present a beautiful presentation showing the layers of the drink.

Do you offer training?

At this point, the answer is "nothing formal".  Our training cafe should be finished by the end of 2009, and then we plan on offering regular training sessions as well as opening the training cafe for customers to come in and use the cafe for training, practicing, menu development, etc.  In the meantime, if you have a particular question or training need, please feel free to contact us to see if we can set something up to help you.

I'm opening a coffee shop--how much should I order?

Opening orders can be tough.  It's impossible to accurately predict what you'll need the first week of being open.  If you're buying "everything" from Barista Pro Shop, you should be able to do the opening order for around $3,000.  That may seem like a low number, but we understand that after you've outfitted the cafe, paid the builder and designer, installed the equipment, most people don't have a ton of money left over to buy the ingredients.  We can work with you to make sure you buy your opening stock as efficiently as possible.  We can start you out with the basics, with the plan of replenishing them quickly and enhancing the offerings based on your customers' request.

What's the difference between the syrup brands?

Choosing a syrup line may hinge on factors such as your customer base, variety of flavors available, sugar free flavors available, cost per bottle, and your own personal preference.  BPS currently offers Da Vinci Gourmet, Torani, and Monin.  Da Vinci Gourmet and Torani have over 60 classic flavors all sweetened with cane sugar and flavored with natural and artificial flavors.  Both have extensive sugar free options, with Da Vinci topping the list with more than 40.  Monin classic syrups are sweetened with cane sugar and are all naturally flavored.  Monin's classic flavor list is a tad shorter, and the sugar free offerings are limited to 13.  Monin and Torani both have a limited number of organic syrups available.  As far as cost per bottle is concerned, Torani is the lowest followed by Da Vinci Gourmet with Monin as the highest.  ~Kari Guddeck


Can I buy logo'd cups from you?

We can help you with logo'd cups from any of the manufacturers that we currently sell--Dart, Insulair and Solo.  Our rule of thumb is that you should be going through 2,000 cups per size per week in order to consider having a custom cup made for you.  More frequently, we help people with custom Java Jackets because the up front cost and storage considerations are much more manageable--plus, unless you do an insulated cup, you're probably going to buy printed Java Jackets anyway--it's a good first step for many of our customers.

How can I find out about price increases?

If you click on "My Account", there is an option to subscribe to "Price Increase Notifications".

Can I get POS from you or do I have to go to the manufacturer?

Barista Pro Shop offers POS materials which you can request, we will add it into your order for you. If there is something that we do not carry that you would like, we can request those materials from the manufacturer as well.

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