Halloween in Seattle, Coffee Fest Style

Friday August 13, 2010

Coffee Fest LogoCoffee Fest Seattle is only a couple of months away….are you attending?  The show kicks off on Friday, October 29 and will wrap up on Halloween (Sunday 31).  There’s been a bit of controversy surrounding Coffee Fest and the SCAA’s annual The Event as of late.  The SCAA is in negotiations with the city of Seattle in an attempt to hold The Event in the Emerald City in 2014, 2015, 2017, 2018, and possibly 2020 and 2021.  Coffee Fest folks are none to happy about the encroachment and made their views known in a letter sent to all members of the SCAA and by posting about it on Facebook.  Read more about the SCAA v. Coffee Fest showdown and opinions in the current Barista Magazine and Blog.



Whatever the outcome might be, Coffee Fest seems to be making moves to compete with The Event.  This year’s Seattle show will include new classes and seminars featuring:  Single Cup Brewing and Extraction, Social Media Workshop, Micro Lot Cupping Workshops, Loose Tea 101, Global Trends in Coffee Consumption, Developing a Training Program to Produce Exceptional Baristas, and many more.  Many of the classes are free to attendees, so make sure to check out the Coffee Fest website for the complete list.  Also on tap are the Pacific Natural Foods Top Cup Challenge (Soy recipe competition), the Aroma Challege (it’s tough, but interesting!), and the NEW World Latté Art Championship.  If you’re in the coffee biz and have never been to Seattle, Coffee Fest is the perfect excuse to go and explore.  I, for one, am interested in checking out some of the new offerings and hanging out in a great city!

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