On the regional barista competition trail….NWRBC

Tuesday January 25, 2011 // By Kari Guddeck

I will be heading to the Seattle tomorrow to attend and judge (assuming that I pass the judge certification test on Thurs) the North West Regional Barista Competition (NWRBC).  The competition is the first of the 2011 season, and I for one, am psyched to get this thing started!  Dillano’s is hosting this year’s NWRBC at the Tacoma Convention Center in Tacoma, WA.  Actual competition starts on Friday at 12pm PST.  Check out the United States Barista Championship (USBC) website for a complete schedule, read competitor bios, watch the competition streaming, and for more information about this season’s happenings.


I’ve judged barista competitions for two seasons now, including the 2009 and 2010 United States Barista Championship.  I guess you could say I’m hooked.  Last year, BPS was proud to host the Mountain Regional Barista Competition.  We met so many great people, learned a lot, and drank some phenomenal coffee.  My 2010 judging season ended on a very high note, as I was asked to judge the finals of the USBC.  Talk about a total adrenaline rush of disbelief, excitement, a sprinkle of terror, and awe.  The six finalists were all so passionate and knowledgeable about coffee and their profession.  I am proud to say that I was given the opportunity to be on the receiving end of their enthusiasm and skill.


This time around, I’ve decided to take you all with me on my little trips to these competitions.  I hope to post something every day starting Thurs.  I’ll give you some insider looks at the competitions and judging (since that’s where I’ll be spending my time).  Got questions?  Comments?  Email me. 

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