First Latte Art Class

Wednesday July 20, 2011 // By Tia Peck

Our First Latte Art Class was a complete success!!

First try at latte artIn the beginning I think we were all a little nervous but after a few jokes and a lot of spilt milk theYour not doing it right if you don't spill a little milk night really took off. 

With a small group of about seven (the staff of a local coffee shop) it made it easy for everyone to participate in every aspect of the lesson and really get some hands on experience.  Miguel Vicuna (a United States Barista Championship certified head judge and barista/trainer in a Denver shop) was a great teacher and had awesome information about how to use latte art in a fast moving café.  He showed us many techniques on how to pour different images (some definitely harder than others).  The baristas really put him to the test by having him make a few intricate designs they found in Barista Magazine.  He pulled them off beautifully!!

Miguel helping to tilt the pitcherThe class was not just limited to latte art, either.  Miguel got into the basics such as steaming the milk and pulling shots on a semi-automatic espresso machine. We also talked about what is happening to the milk as you steam it and the shot as you pull them.  Not only were we learning the technique of latte art but also the process included with every step.

lots of fun and lattes

 I could not wait to get back in the training café and try out what I learned.I believe everyone else felt the same way (rumor has it Kari and Bill were busy pulling shots and throwing down Friday after work ;) This class not only taught us something new but renewed our excitement and love for coffee and the café experience.

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