Exotic Mochas

Friday September 30, 2011 // By Tia Peck


Mexican Cocoa was once a ceremonial drink the Aztecs of Mexico first served to Spaniards in 1519, they called it Xocolatl.  Chocolate laced with fragrant spices such as cocoa liquor, real vanilla, almond, and cinnamon. Today this mixture of flavors can be used to create a unique mocha, make delicious hot cocoas, or blend it up to create decadent mocha frappe.  




To make a delicious Mexican Mocha

In a 16oz glass add 2 shots of espresso

6 tablespoons of Mocafe Azteca D'Oro 1519 Mexican Spiced Cocoa

12oz of steamed milk

Top with whipped cream and a dash of cinnamon

This decadent treat is great for warming the soul on a cool autumn morning.





With an exotic blend of varietal African Forestero cocoa and aromatic medium roasted Colombian coffee, Mocafe Wild Tribe Moka creates a rich chocolate flavor notes with mild coffee flavors and a smooth texture.



To make this exotic beverage 

In a blender add 16oz. of ice

6 tablespoons of Mocafe Wild Tribe Moka

4oz. of milk and blend until smooth

Pour contents into a glass, top with whipped cream and enjoy!

 * Mocafe Wild Tribe Moka can also be used in a Granita machine*

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