Happy Hot Tea Month!

Thursday January 12, 2012 // By Kari Guddeck

Tea TimeSipping on my afternoon cup of two leaves and a bud Assam (my current fave), I spy a blurb about January being National Hot Tea Month.I find the plethora of national something or other days/months kind of silly and amusing, but more often than not they’ll inspire a little blog entry, a facebook post, or a tweet.If nothing else, they serve as a comical reminder about the little things that might add a little smile or chuckle to your day.



That being said, I’ve been on a tea kick lately.This is generally a yearly occurrence, and it inevitably happens around this time.So, perhaps National Hot Tea month is perfect for January (at least for me).Besides the obvious cozy and warming nature of a good cup of tea, tea also has all of those good-for-your-health benefits.I googled National Hot Tea month and one of the first things I read wasRecent research findings have reported that drinking black tea may improve the body’s defenses and quicken the response to bacteria and viruses”.Score one for celebrating hot tea in the middle of cold and flu season!I think I’ll have a second.



Other purported health benefits include:

- Antibiotic Effects

- Anti-Cancer Properties

- Increases Metabolic Rate

- Possible Anti-Diabetes Effect

- Bad Breath Fighter

- Antidepressant Properties

- Protects Against Cardiovascular Disease



Well, I bet you’re sold on National Hot Tea month now! 




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