The Tip Jar-Working Together = Win Win

Thursday December 17, 2009

flower arrangement‘Tis the season for giving, gathering, and feelings of good will.  Why not get out in your community and make some friends with other local business owners?  Chances are you share some customers.  Chances are even better that you can learn some great ideas for your own business.  Building relationships with others in the community is also a good way to expand your network.  You might not think about it now, but the florist down the street or the car repair shop across town could be your next best source for new customers.

And, speaking of florists and working together, I was recently in a coffee shop that had a beautiful arrangement of flowers.  Looking at the card placed in front of it, I found that it was strategic product placement for the florist a few doors down in the same shopping center.  The coffee shop’s atmosphere benefitted from the spectacular display, and the florist got their name out there with oohs and aahs.  Win win.

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