Make the perfect refreshing iced tea during these scorching summer months with two leaves and a bud!

Thursday May 24, 2012 // By Tia Peck

Two leaves and a bud’s organic iced teas will help you get the most 'bang for your buck' without losing quality and taste.  iced tea program

Two leaves and a bud offers a 1oz. filter bag provides an easy, fast, and more cost effective way to brew 1 gallon of great iced tea.

With their perfectly measured 1oz filter bag there is no guesswork involved.  Simply steep the filter bag in a ½ gallon of hot water for 4-5 minutes.  Fill the remainder of your 1 gallon container with clean, cold water or ice.  Store iced tea in the fridge but do not be alarmed if some of the teas such as Assam cloud a bit once refrigerated. This will not change the flavor of the iced tea.

 Making 1 glass of delicious iced tea from Two leaves and a bud tea sachets is simple as well:

To make a 1 gallon pitcher of iced tea using Two leaves and a bud tea bags can be just as easy:

Two leaves and a bud provides three great flavors of iced tea 1oz filter bags to choose from:

Organic Black Tea – the essential iced tea. Your customers will love the complexity of flavor in our smooth, but robust classic black iced tea.

Caffeine-Free Alpine Berry – A tasty all-day alternative with a cult-like following. Hibiscus, blackberry leaves, and orange peel set this tasty herbal tea apart as a fantastically refreshing, fruity iced tea that brews to a beautiful jewel-toned red.

Organic Tropical Green Tea
– Answer the green tea health call. Our green iced tea is light and thirst quenching with a tropical sweetness that will leave your customers satisfied and pleasantly surprised.

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