Embrace the Cold... Brew!

Wednesday January 30, 2013 // By Liam Bucher

This past weekend I came across a situation which would frustrate any coffee drinker, I forgot about the coffee I brewed in the morning and a few hours later, after only drinking two cups, I had to toss it. It’s such a waste and so annoying! That’s why we love the Toddy Coffee Maker. The Toddy is a cold brew system, easy to use and there’s no wasting leftover coffee (keeps in the refrigerator for up to two weeks).
Toddy Coffee Maker
And don’t worry, the coffee may be brewed cold, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have your hot cup of joe to warm you up in the morning. It’s double the options for drinking coffee, cold, or hot. Besides the efficiency of the brewing system and the ability to store it, I think the appeal of brewing coffee with the Toddy is how much acidity it eliminates from the coffee, 67% less acidity than traditional hot brewing systems, way easier on the stomach if you are somewhat accustomed to the occasional ache. It gives an extra option for those who can’t drink regular coffee or decaf.

It’s a great brewing system, whether you are using it at your retail location or if you want to take it home. Taste the difference between Toddy brewed coffee and traditional brewing and you will be telling your friends, your family, maybe even a random stranger walking down the street with a cup of coffee in hand. Shout it out to the world!

Oh and I forgot to mention that you aren’t limited to brewing coffee, it works just as well with teas, and if you are feeling experimental, then create a nice blend of spices for your tea or coffee to brew together.

Feel like making the switch to cold brewed? Contact Barista Pro Shop and our pros can answer any questions you have about the system and will set you up with everything you need to start satisfying with delicious tasting coffee.

Here is a tasty recipe to get you started with your new brewing system!Frappe
Irish Blizzard Frappé
Cold brew your favorite coffee beans in your Toddy
For a 16 oz. cup add into a blender:
4 oz. of Toddy coffee concentrate and 4 oz.of milk
2 tbsp of Big Train 20 Below Frozen White Chocolate
2 oz. of Torani Irish Cream Signature Syrup
6 oz. of ice
Blend until smooth and top with whipped cream and chocolate shaving

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