Whip it up !!

Wednesday April 24, 2013 // By Jillian Peck

A first impression is something we tend to stress over every now and then. There’s no doubt we care, to some extent, what others are thinking; especially when it comes to our customer service. A good drink and good customer service is always the key to bringing those customers back into your shop, but what other ways could you give your shop that extra “special little something” or “the cherry on top?”

By IneedCoffee.comHow about the whipped cream on top?

What better way to add to your customers experience than to top it off with a delicious home-made whipped cream that will stand out?

Your one stop shop can supply all your needs from whipped cream dispensers like Thermo Whip, to chargers, to your favorite brands of syrups like Sweetbird to make yummy, fun flavor and combinations like Cherry Flavoring Syrup and French Vanilla Flavoring Syrup.

Your first impression is important and to help with your success is our job, so why be stress over a first impressions when you could look forward to it?


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