Changing Lives One Bar at a Time

Monday May 13, 2013 // By Jillian Peck

Finding a way to help others can be easier than you think. There is rarely a more beautiful feeling than knowing that you are helping or have helped someone in desperate need. Especially when it comes to children, as precious and dependent as they are.

Heart breaking enough, there are roughly 20 million helpless children around the world that are suffering from acute malnutrition. As a result more than 1 million of these children die each year, this is without mention of the lives lost due to related causes.

Two Degrees is on a serious world mission to help these starving children and has made it incredibly easy for each of us to lend a hand. For each Two Degrees bar purchased, a hungry child is given a nutritious meal produced through their local laborers and farms, with thanks to non-profit production partners like Feeding American, Partners in Health, and Valid Nutrition.

Aside from this awesome Two Degrees Movement, the bars themselves are delicious and easy to love. Made with natural ingredients like quinoa, chia, and millet, they are also vegan, gluten free, kosher, low sodium, GMO free, and make with fruits, nuts, and whole grain. Two Degrees

Call today for your free sample kit including one of each apple pecan, cherry almond, chocolate banana, and chocolate peanut.

If you are driven to support the cause like we are, visit Barista Pro Shop to place your order or to request any further information about Two Degrees Bars.

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