Ghirardelli Frappe

Friday August 23, 2013 // By Jillian Peck








I'm not done with frappes! Not yet, not ever! I love them all year long, and in this heat I love them more than ever. How difficult are the frappes you make? How consistent do they taste? How long is it taking you to make them? And do your frappes measure up to a taste you are proud to serve?


Sometimes when you have a line of customers to the door, someone ordering a blended beverage can cause an instant increase in stress. Though at the end of the day you would like to look back with pleasure that none of your customers walked out your door less than pleased with your service, and that they were happy with the quality of their beverage. It’s a wonderful feeling looking back at a day untarnished by customer complaints or a customer disappointed in the way something tastes.


Ghirardelli Frappe Mix is an easy way to win hearts. It’s the frappe served without complications or stumbles, without time consuming, frustrating recipes, and when things get messy Ghirardelli Frappe Mix comes in a neat counter-top canister to restore your sanity. We put our trust in Ghirardelli to make some of the best coffee house chocolates, and with their success, we highly expect Ghirardelli’s new Frappe Mixes to do great things for the coffee house as well. There’s no better way to get the taste of Ghirardelli chocolate in a beverage than with Ghirardelli’s Frozen Hot Cocoa! Coffee lovers must try Ghirardelli’s Mocha Frappe and White Mocha Frappe, both combined with real Colombian coffee for a consistent taste and easy use!


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