The Tip Jar- New to Specialty Coffee?

Monday August 26, 2013 // By Liam Bucher

Specialty Coffee is called just that for a reason, there is an expertise in preparing these beverages the right way, the first time. There are subtle differences between these drinks and it can take time to learn the steps and ingredients. Many of these beverages are espresso based, there are different ingredients used to turn one source of coffee into many other delicious combinations; milk, half and half, whipped cream, flavored syrups, sauces, garnishes. For those that are not espresso based, there is a multitude of brewing methods from an aeropress to a Toddy Cold Brew, french press, and pour over. 

The options for delivering your customers (or yourself) a gourmet cup of coffee are expansive, and sometimes overwhelming, but learning which methods will work for your coffee house, deliver the best quality, and allow for consistency from the baristas behind the counter will create satisfaction for those who sip it down. Perfecting some of these techniques can be trying, but knowing the tools of your trade is necessary for success. You wouldn't sit in the cockpit of a plane and go full throttle without learning how to fly first, would you? The same rule applies for most professions, educate yourself about the equipment, the ingredients, and techniques for making a perfect drink, you'll be happy you took the time.

If you are just starting off as a barista, there are so many resources to help you, some that cost money, some that are completey free. It couldn't hurt to look, it may help you create the next great drink to take the world by storm! Below are some resources that will get you off the ground and flying.

Also check out these infographics below for quick references to making different types of specialty coffee beverages.

Espresso Guide



Coffee Guide





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