The Tip Jar

Wednesday October 9, 2013 // By Jillian Peck

Here’s a little tip that can affect your business as well as your tip jar. One of the greatest qualities in a local coffee shop is the potential for a personable environment. Knowing your regulars can create and increase business. Spending time with new customers can also be very effective.

One of the many things I favored about being behind the counter as a barista was encouraging new customers to become new regulars. Visiting a coffee shop you’ve never been to can be slightly stressful and confusing, like going to a party with strangers. For a barista this can be a great opportunity to be a good host/hostess. Give your new customers your kind attention. Encourage them to ask questions, and walk them through the menu with honest enthusiasm. Offer them your humble service and patient effort to understand exactly what they are looking for without making them feel ignorant, or burdenful.

It always feels good to know you have someones attention and even better when they happily remember you. Learning customer names and using them while welcoming them back, when bring them their beverage, or in everyday conversation creates a special connection between them, the shop, and you. This is the kind of above-and-beyond service that other great qualities very rarely match up to. Old fashioned hospitality doesn’t go out of style. Good service will equal good clientele. Compete with a grump and your bad service will equal a bad day and you can count on that.

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