The Tip Jar- This is How You Find-a-Mug

Tuesday April 8, 2014 // By Matthew Moseley

Do you ever find yourself wanting to try out a new coffee shop or cafe?  Do you find yourself traveling for work or a vacation and uncertain about where to get your caffeine fix?  Worst of all have you ever settled for Starbucks simply because it’s the fourth one you have seen on this block?  

Don’t worry we forgive you.  However, we have been thinking that this was an issue that needed to be solved!  

Now, in addition to finding all the coffee supplies you need for your home, you can also search for coffee shops and cafes all across the U.S. Barista Pro Shop is proud to announce the newest feature of our website the Find-a-Mug coffee shop locatorFind-a-Mug Banner tool.  This tool not only shows you the specific location of various shops, but it also offers a link to each company’s website or at very least a number for you to call to get ahold of that shop for additional information.  In order to start browsing cafes across the country, look for the Find-a-Mug banner located directly below the Extra Shot banner on the homepage.  Can’t find your favorite shop on our map?  Feel free to shoot us shop suggestions either as a direct message on Facebook or Twitter or via email at

So, what are you waiting for?  Check out the new Find-a-Mug locator tool to find a new shop in your area or discover options located near your destination!

 This is the display page for the Find-a-Mug locator tool.

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