Set Your Fruit Smoothies Apart from the Rest with Jet Non-Fat Yogurt Smoothies

Friday May 23, 2014 // By Matthew Moseley

If you’re anything like me, when it’s time to relax after some fun in the sun nothing quite hits the spot like a frozen, fruity beverage.  Yep, I’m talking about fruit smoothies not only are they sweet and delicious; but, they have fruit which makes the justification to indulge in one all the more easy to come by.  These drinks are not only delicious, but they are offered by a dizzying array of restaurants, cafes, and coffeeshops.  With all these options,  it may seem impossible to partake of a unique smoothie.  Well you are mistaken!  Have you heard about Jet Non-Fat Yogurt Fruit Smoothies?

Jet SmoothiesJet has long been one of the pervasive names in the smoothie game.  The reason for this is because they take pride in delivering the best product.  Whether it be, the boldest flavors, most vibrant colors, the simplest storage needs, or the most unique recipes there are.

That’s why they imagined their Non-Fat Yogurt Fruit Smoothies.  

These smoothies deliver the sweet, tart flavors of originalJet Non-Fat Yogurt Smoothie fruit smoothies with an added creamy texture and thickness that can only be attributed to delicious yogurt.  This is one collaboration that will not disappoint!  Similar to the rest of the Jet Smoothie brand, these Non-Fat Yogurt smoothies are completely shelf stable due to their amazing aseptic packaging specially formulated to lock-in the natural flavors and colors.  This means that not only have they made it easy to prepare, pour-over ice and blend, it’s a no hassle product to store!

If you hadn’t noticed, yogurt has become a prominent player in the food industry lately.  This is in part due to it’s health benefits.  Not only are these products non-fat, they are packed with prebiotics and probiotics that help to maintain a healthy digestive system.  To find out more about the nutritional value or health benefits of these smoothies be sure to check out “Slip into Summer with Yogurt Fruit Smoothies” in our Ask the Pros database.

Lastly, if you are still searching for ways to differentiate your smoothie offerings;  don’t be afraid to experiment.   Maybe you mix multiple smoothie concentrates, or maybe you add a unique syrup flavor to your smoothies.  If all else fails, adding whipped cream to garnish a drink is always an easy way to upsell the drinks you already serve.

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