The Tip Jar- Fresh to Death, How Do You Prefer Your Espresso?

Tuesday July 15, 2014 // By Landon Christensen

The Tip Jar- Fresh to Death, How Do You Prefer Your Espresso?Fresh. A word that appears in a countless number of ways when it comes to food & beverage ingredients as well as preparation. Should coffee be an exception? Perhaps. Perhaps not. The debate on coffee freshness, namely, surrounding how quickly shots of espresso are consumed or added to a beverage, goes back and forth. Since coffee is subjective, I won’t say which is right or wrong, however, there are some good points on each side.

You pull a shot of espresso for a drink, do you let it sit for a minute or two while the other aspects of the drink are prepared, or do you get the drink made quickly, trying to get the espresso added ASAP?

When espresso is pulled properly there should be a layer of golden brown foam on top known as the crema. This layer is said to have a lot of flavor in it, while some may disagree. The crema is a layer of small foam - bubbles formed from the gas inside of the grounds being released during the brew process. Since this is created by gasses, it will deflate if left sitting too long. Crema is a vital part of creating latte art, so if you’re doing a free pour, fresh espresso is crucial. On the other hand, since the crema is said to have bold, rich flavor letting the crema deflate and reintegrate into the espresso can have a positive impact on the overall flavor.BPS® Shot Glass

Which method do you and your shop prefer? Do you even notice a difference between fresh vs. “dead” espresso? YOU DECIDE!

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