The Tip Jar - Brewing 101: Inverted Aeropress Basics

Tuesday August 12, 2014 // By Landon Christensen

The Aeropress is possibly one of the most distinct brewers around, not only in looks but in it’s function. The press resembles a large syringe, featuring a chamber where the coffee steeps and a large plunger. This is unique in the sense that gravity doesn’t do the work here, it’s the plunger that forces the water through the coffee making a very quick and easy extraction that yields quite a unique tasting coffee. I just want to make note that this method makes a concentrate which you will need to dilute, so don’t be alarmed that this only makes a small amount of coffee.

For this brew method you will need: an Aeropress, a kettle, a scale, a timer and coffee. If you have the accessories that came with the Aeropress we recommend using them as those will make this method a lot easier. Initially, you will need to measure out 17 grams of coffee and grind it at a medium, fine setting. The grounds should resemble the size of table salt. Then insert the plunger into the brewer until the black gasket lines up with the top of the “4”. Once you have done this, invert the brewer and set it on your scale uspide-down. Insert a paper filter into the cap and pre-wet it removing any of the paper taste that may get into the coffee. At this time you will also want to pre-heat the brewer, do this by pouring a little hot water inside. Now that you have everything prepared we can start brewing.

Add the 17 grams of coffee to the brewer, set your timer for one minute. Water is going to be added in two portions, stirring in between. For the first portion, start your timer and begin pouring until the water is at the top of the “3” on the brewer. Stir the grounds to ensure they’re all submerged. Next, pour water to the top of the “2” and then secure your cap with the filter on top of the Aeropress. Once your time goes off, hold the press at a 45° angle and rotate slowly. Flip the brewer over your mug and begin to plunge slowly, stopping once you hear it start to hiss. This is the sound of air forcing through the grounds. At this point you will have a concentrate, so make sure to dilute it. We recommend start with a 1:1 ratio, then adjusting to taste. Sip & enjoy!

For a video tutorial of this method see here. If you have any questions or comments regarding the Aeropress or any other brewing methods feel free to email us or give us a call toll-free at 1-866-776-5288!

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