Chai- Sugar, Spice, & Everything Nice

Friday August 15, 2014 // By Matthew Moseley

Cloves,Cinnamon, CardamonChai, something so simple, yet so transcendent.  When you mix the light, refreshing beverage of black tea with the aromatic, invigorating attributes of fresh spices likes cloves, cardamon, and cinnamon; the result becomes a complex, bold drink that satiates your thirst and desire to be invigorated.  These added spices not only produce an extraordinary flavor profile that is very different from anything else served within your shop, but they also produce augmented health benefits such as promoting healthy digestion and increased cardiovascular health.  Similar to your coffee beverages, chai is a drink that can be enjoy hot, cold, or blended.  Which means chai deviates from the typical offerings on your menu while still being versatile enough to be experienced various ways which means it can be a new experience for you time after time.

Here at BPS you will find two types of chai; there are concentrates and powders.  Both options have their benefits which means understanding your shop and how you’ll manage serving chai is integral in making the right choice of chai.  Let’s take a look at what each type of chai is good for.  Concentrates are great for hi-light the exotic, rich flavors which result from the aromatic spices.  This is great for someone who enjoys the rich flavors of black coffee and espresso, but may be looking to spice things up a bit and stray from their norm.  Concentrates are also a good option for quick preparation of hot and cold drinks without requiring a blender.  On the other hand, powdered chai accentuate the sweet flavor notes within the beverage.  This makes for a well-rounded drink that is enjoyable to drink while avoiding sweetness added from artificial sweeteners.  The other nice aspect of powdered chai is the thick, creamy consistency.  Chai Latte

Still not sure what to do with chai?  Try the basic Chai Tea Latte adding steamed milk to either a concentrate or a powder is an easy way to produce a delicious drink.  The milk balances out some of the stronger, pronounced spices creating a smooth drink that’s equally as delicious as the typical latte while containing less caffeine and unique properties beneficial to one’s health.  Need more of a kick?!  Try a Dirty Chai, add 1 or 2 shots of espresso to your chai!

You can learn more about chai and the various ways it can be served throughout the year take a look here.   If you’re ready for a change, change to chai for sugar, spice and everything nice.  There are a bunch of options take your pick from the likes of the excellent brands below:

Big Train Chai from Barista Pro Shop Caffe D'Amore from Barista Pro Shop Cappuccine from Barista Pro Shop  David Rio from Barista Pro Shop  Mocafe Chai from Barista Pro Shop Oregon Chai from Barista Pro Shop Pacific Chai Latte from Barista Pro Shop Pixie Mate Chai Concentrate from Barista Pro Shop  Third St. Chai from Barista Pro Shop

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