BPS® the One-Stop Shop: The Food, The Bean, and the Utility

Friday November 7, 2014 // By Matthew Moseley

BPS® The One-Stop Shop for Specialty Coffee

Do you ever wish you could spend less time ordering and receiving shipments?  

I’m going to assume everyone answered with a resounding ‘Yes!’  Placing orders is one of those necessary evils that no one enjoys doing, but if it’s not done properly and timely it can be devastating to your business, costing you sales and creating disgruntled customers.  

After the orders have been placed, you still have to track and receive the shipment, verify the items and quantities, and finally, put all of the inventory away.  Now multiply that by every order you place, from ever distributor you order through; it adds up quickly.  If you’re going to put in all this effort, why not do it just once?  One supplier, one order, one invoice; it’s simple and more cost effective reducing shipping costs as well as the time you invest in managing your supplies. 

Here at Barista Pro Shop, we’ve made it our mission to make this dream a reality.  With just under 50 brands, we’ve collated an extensive catalog of the premier products for the specialty coffee industry.  Within these brands, you can find all the products you’ll need to organize and clean your café in addition to the necessary ingredients and paperware to serve amazing on the go beverages which can be paired with any of our many healthy, tasty grab-n-go snacking options.

1-2-3 Day Shipping Zones

One of the key aspects that sets us apart from most other wholesalers or distributors is the extensive product lines we carry.  You will find, we carry the entire line for many of our brands; making even the most unique and exclusive products or flavors accessible.  The good news doesn’t stop there! We understand that space is a very valuable, yet scarce, resource in any café, whether it’s a coffee shop or drive-thru the issue remains the same.  This makes it extremely taxing to serve an exhaustive menu of flavors, and if you’re forced to order full cases for every flavor it’s impossible to offer a wide variety.  That’s why BPS has no order minimums and breaks cases on just about every product in our catalog.  This allows you to be flexible in ordering allows you the opportunity to only order exactly what you need, in the precise quantity you, while avoiding being forced to hold inventory for extended periods.  No order minimums also allows you to place emergency, fill-in orders of just a few items that you can be confident will arrive in 2 days or less*. (see shipping map for your transit-time zone)

Welcome ! Remember that any order of $1750 or more qualifies for free shipping, and that you will receive at least a $50 rebate towards freight if you spend more than $750.