The Tip Jar- Custom Printing and Branding: Unlock the Promotion Potential of your Cups

Tuesday December 16, 2014 // By Matthew Moseley

As a cafe owner what’s the product you use the most during the day?  Tip Jar Courtesy of A Cup of CommonWealth in Lexington, KY

The first thing that comes to mind might be coffee; or maybe, after some more thought you decide it’s milk.  However, what if I told you that you’re overlooking one of the most common products used in your shop?  Do you know what it is?

If you said cups, you’re thinking what I’m thinking.  Though most consider cups nothing more than a cost of doing business in the coffee shop industry, we would argue that they can be a valuable marketing tool.  Consider this,  your loyal patron visits your shop, bright and early, on their morning commute.  Just after your barista puts the finishing touch on a beautiful rosetta pour,  that cup is whisked out the door.  What happens next?  

Well, in an indirect way, that customer is now a walking billboard for your café.  As that cup travels along in the tight grasp of that caffeine-fiend, you have the potential to make an impression on numerous individuals.  So, what do your cups say about your brand?   Do they scream your brand with logo and business information?  Or could they be mistaken for the same cup of coffee that came from the convenience store just up the road?

We hope this last option is NEVER the case; that’s why we have two suggestions to help your cups do some promotion for your brand:

First, if you own multiple locations or service large numbers of drinks per day, you may want to consider getting custom printed cups or sleeves.  This option is one of the most appealing, because it not only has an extremely refined, professional appearance, but also, will not add to your staff’s workload.  The problem with custom printing is the sizeable, upfront investment which means you’ve just bought month or more worth of cups as well as the additional stress to your storage space. Custom printed Java Jackets are a great solution because the large order minimum can satisfy every drink size instead of forcing you to order thousands of cups in every size your offer.

Second, consider purchasing plain white cups and ordering a custom stamp design.  This way the orders you place for cups can be more flexible and won’t tie up large sums of cash all at one time.  This is also, a nice option to reduce costs, because the cost of having a custom stamp created will be less than the cost to have custom plates designed for printing.   Not to mention, if you can keep track of it, one stamp could last a lifetime; you just might need to restock on ink pads!

Grab life by the to-go cup, and spread your brand one takeout order at a time!

If you have any questions or are interested in more information regarding custom prints for Java Jackets, please give us a call toll free at 1-866-776-5288.

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