What We Learned Today: Why more High Schools Should Be Doing this...

Wednesday January 14, 2015 // By Matthew Moseley

Here's a group of Baristas-in-training from Fossil Ridge H.S.On a day-to-day basis, the training café at our Loveland location is typically a thoroughfare of BPS employees searching for a spot to lounge a lunch break away or brewing up something to keep them energized and working hard to get you the coffee supplies you need.  However, today our café served an even greater purpose.  We were able to welcome a class filled with starry-eyed, eager baristas in training to help them get more insight into coffee bar management as well as a crash course on pouring latte art!  

We were approached with the idea of hosting a couple groups of high school students that were participating in a class that asked them to learn not only the skills of being a barista and serving customers from behind a coffee bar, but also to learn the ins and outs of deciding the proper product mix to offer along with purchasing and supply management.  Honestly, we couldn’t be more excited!  Not only do we love sharing our coffee obsession with anyone willing to listen, we were also honored to have the opportunity to help some enthusiastic teens get more information about pursuing a career in specialty coffee.  It's great to give back to your community, especially when it means spending time talking about shared interests! Vocational training can be a powerful tool to help teens find a career that really aligns with their interests and reveals the way to find a career path that will be personally gratifying and rewarding.  That's why we would like to commend Fossil Ridge High School on this awesome program and the fact that they are keeping their student body caffeinated!Here's a group of Baristas-in-training from Fossil Ridge H.S.

We would like to thank Fossil Ridge High School and all the students who came to visit us, and we hope to see all of you behind a coffee bar near us, soon!



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