Milkadamia -- Macadamia Milk for Baristas

Wednesday March 18, 2015 // By Matthew Moseley

Introducing Milkadamia -- A Macadamia Nut Milk (Dairy Alternative)Milkadamia is here to tell traditional cow’s milk to “Moo-ve” over!  Milkadamia is the newest addition to our non-dairy, alternative milk line-up. Here at Barista Pro Shop, we have a love hate relationship with milk; without it, there’s no lattes, mochas, or cappuccinos, which is tragic.  However, whole milk is the optimal choice for the way it interacts with the steaming process and it’s ease of use for pouring lovely latte art, which means that 0 calorie shot of espresso is now laden with fats and cholesterol which is bad news for your health if you’re polishing off your 4th latte of the day.  

Now you can enjoy the best of both worlds, with Milkadamia’s macadamia nut milk which has been specially formulated to provide baristas with a dairy alternative that ‘foams beautifully.’  Although you can find plenty of dairy alternatives and nut milks ranging from almond to hazelnut, Milkadamia is proud to offer the first macadamia milk in the United States!


So what separates Milkadamia from all the other dairy alternatives on the market?  


Milkadamia is brought to you by Jindilli Farms, a family-owned operation situated on the sunny, eastern coast of Australia.  This name is a bold reminder that the Macadamia nut comes from a tree native to the Australian rainforest because jindilli is one of several words used by indigenous Australians for the macadamia nut.  Since Milkadamia comes straight from groves located in the region of origin, you are sure to get high-quality, great tasting macadamia nuts.  In addition to sourcing high quality nuts from their region of origin, Milkadamia has set themselves apart from other dairy alternatives by focusing on creating a subtle flavor profile that accentuates the flavors of your roasted coffee beans while still offering the creamy and rich mouthfeel that we are so accustomed to from traditional, dairy-based milks. Which means, you can enjoy the same texture without the noticeable flavor varition many experience when switching from traditional milk to the most common dairy alternatives.  This provides a product that not only has your barista’s interest and the final product's overall flavor interactions in mind, it also accommodates many dietary restrictions as well as inherent benefits that are a great fit for your health conscious consumers.


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