Are Customers Tasting Your Coffee the Way You Intended?

Friday April 17, 2015 // By Matthew Moseley

Do you ever wonder if your customers are experiencing the best cup of coffee your roasts can produce when brewing in their own home?


LogoAlthough you can host training classes on proper brewing techniques, print recommend dosages on your coffee bags, and stress the importance of buying whole bean then grinding just before brewing, there’s one final piece that can still cause all your attention to detail to be squandered.  As a shop owner, you know that properly cleaned equipment is essential to brewing the best cup of coffee your beans can yield, and you’re also probably aware of many sources online that encourage consumers to turn to vinegar as a cleaning product.  If you, yourself have ever cleaned a brewer with vinegar or a typical cleaning detergent; you know that sour or soapy first cup all too well.  Even after multiple times rinsing out your brewer or espresso machine, those coffee oils always find some lingering flavors that will inevitably leach into your cup.  That’s why you’ve turned to Urnex; so why not encourage your customers to do the same?

Urnex - Home Retail Gift Set

Urnex has created a product specifically for this reason; so if you sell coffee beans out of your shop you’ll want to add this to your retail offerings.  The Retail Home Gift Kit comes with a retail box of Cleancaf®, Dezcal and a single packet of Grindz as well as a dedicated area for you to include a 12 oz. bag of your coffee.  That way you can give them the coffee they want and the supplies they’ll need to enjoy it at its fullest potential!


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