NEW Dr. Smoothie - 100% Crushed Tropical Sunshine and Beetroot & Berries

Tuesday May 19, 2015 // By Matthew Moseley

Dr. Smoothie has introduced two new options to their 100% Crushed smoothie line; escape to an island oasis with Tropical Sunshine or enjoy the garden fresh taste of Beetroot and Berries.  Similar to the rest of the 100% Crushed Smoothie line from Dr. Smoothie, these new additions are a flavorful treat that even your doctor would approve!  In order to don the 100% Crushed label, Tropical Sunshine and Beetroot & Berries both meet the USDA 100% fruit requirement; so you can be sure that these options are preservative free with no artificial coloring or sweeteners.  Each 46 oz. bottle will yield nine - 16 oz. servings, but if you bump up the size to a 20 oz. drink you’ll be sipping down 5 full servings of fruit, which is the daily recommended intake from both the USDA and National Cancer Institute to promote better health.  Dr. Smoothie 100% Crushed smoothies are arguably one of the most cost effective ways to get 5 servings of fruit a day, except maybe hitting up the weekly farmer’s market!


Dr. Smoothie 100% Crushed - Gluten Free - No Dairy - No Lactose -Fat Free -Vegan

Dr. Smoothie - 100% Crushed Beetroot & Berry smoothie

You might be asking why beets?  In addition to being quite different from the rest of the pack, beets are a sweet, earthy vegetable offering an excellent compliment to the tart flavors of ripe strawberries and raspberries as well as a source of high levels antioxidants themselves!  If you think mashing up some berries and beets alone sounds like an unpleasant combination you might be right. However, this smoothie is the perfect blend of those strong flavors accentuated with apple and lemon juice to add sweet, acidity as well as a touch of ginger to ensure the flavor of beets is not over powering those tasty berries we all love!  This is truly a sensational flavor experience that will delight anyone looking for a pleasurable way to add more fruits and vegetables to their daily diet.

If a full fruit smoothie is what you desire, let the Tropical Sunshine smoothie whisk your taste buds away to a beachside paradise.  This smoothieDr. Smoothie - 100% Crushed Tropical Sunshine smoothie starts with sweet, tart flavors of guava and passionfruit then transitions into a citrus burst of oranges finishing with the creamy, sweet blend of banana, coconut and pineapple.  The Tropical Sunshine smoothie is a transcendent treat that will have you imagining you are relaxing in a hammock near the beach no matter where you are!

Be sure to check out our Dr. Smoothie Preparation training video if you need a quick how-to guide to help you serve up the perfect 100% Crushed smoothies.  Or you can reference the preparation guidelines below:

Dr. Smoothie - Basic Concentrate Preparation Guidelines

Dr. Smoothie Pre-mixed Pour Over Preparation Method

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