NEW Torani Soda Syrups, Classics Reimagined: Spicy Kola Nut & Ginger Lemongrass

Tuesday May 26, 2015 // By Matthew Moseley

Sodas are so hot right now!  Seriously, as the summer heat blazes down, there’s something so exhilarating about sipping on a sweet, carbonated soda.  Recently, we’ve become more reserved about picking up traditional sodas because we are more aware about the detrimental effects of high-fructose corn syrup and other common artificial sweeteners.  This is definitely for the best, but do we really have to sacrifice the effervescent bliss that accompanies kicking back and drinking a soda?  

ALL NEW Torani Spicy Kola Nut Syrup

ALL NEW Torani Ginger Lemongrass SyrupNO!  Handcrafted sodas are not only delicious, creating the classics is easier than you might think.  Torani haslaunched two new flavors that capture classic soda favorites with a new twist. They’ve introduced Spicy Kola Nut and Ginger Lemongrass syrups.  These two additions bring new life to the traditional sodas that we all know so well.  While abandoning the artificial coloring and flavors in favor of pure cane sugar and natural flavors.  These will help you make satisfying, handcrafted sodas that you can truly enjoy for some mid-morning refreshment or accompanying a meal! Spicy Kola Nut delivers the perfect fusion of rich kola nuts alongside a spices and hint of heat that awaken your senses.  While the Ginger Lemongrass syrupcombines the zest of fresh ginger with the crisp citrus taste of lemongrass in order to produce a modern take on the popular ginger ale.   

You may notice that these tasty syrups are dressed up in a vintage label; this is a nod to early days of Torani.  This is in celebration of 90 years of flavor innovation and getting back to the roots of where the company began in 1925 when they first introduced italian sodas to domestic market!  Just as Torani never stopped reimaging flavors, you should experiment and create your custom, premium sodas.  Although the Spicy Kola Nut or Ginger Lemongrass syrups may create refreshing drinks when combined with simple, carbonated water; introducing different flavor combinations, such as Cherry Lime and Spicy Kola Nut, can create new experiences that make your handcrafted sodas truly unique! Don’t stop there, Italian cream sodas, made by adding sweet cream to your sodas, produce a completely different experience that is just as, if not more, stimulating and delicious.

Get them while they’re hot, or in this case cool, because Torani is only offering these vintage soda syrups for a limited time.  

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Torani Ginger Lemongrass Syrup
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Torani combined the zesty, aromatic profile of fresh ginger with the cool, citrusy taste of lemongrass to create a fresh take on ginger ale. Made with...

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