DaVinci Invigorators: Invigorate Lifeless Water with this Green Coffee Concentrate

Thursday May 28, 2015 // By Matthew Moseley

InvigoratorSometimes it’s the simple things in life that mean the most, and DaVinci Invigorators are a simple way to make the most out of a glass of water. Water, it’s something we can’t live without yet we are constantly looking for ways to make it something more than simply a clear, nearly tasteless beverage! DaVinci Invigorators are a green coffee extract concentrate that can elevate a basic glass of still water or sparkling water into a refreshing and energizing drink bursting with real fruit flavor.  

DaVinci Invigorators are an excellent way to refresh the bland experience of drinking water while adding a mere 70 calories per 16 oz. serving and the benefit of antioxidants, help that H2O do more than hydrate. Also, the green coffee extract allows you to enjoy a boost of natural caffeine without any latent coffee taste which makes it the perfect solution to entice a broad customer base searching for a jolt, yet are not fans of coffee or tea. This also makes Invigorators a great complement for any lunch or snack items by offering a refreshing pick me up without overwhelming the flavor of the food or causing an unpleasant flavor combination. These concentrates are an easy way to introduce variety to your menu without putting increased stress on your staff or requiring lengthy preparation. Invigorators come in Orange Melon, Kiwi Lime, and Raspberry Pomegranate; so whether your customers want something tangy and tart, citrusy and smooth, or crisp and tropical you’ll be able to satisfy their craving!

In addition to having a broad appeal to multiple taste preferences and offering a beverage fitting for just about anytime of day, besides right before bed perhaps, Invigorators are extremely operator-friendly. Similar to syrups, they exist to enhance a beverage as well as completely shelf-stable and never require refrigeration; making them easy to implement without having to sacrifice any space in your fridge or cooler. Lastly, Invigorators are a 5-to-1 concentrate which means each bottle goes a long way to help boost sales and reduce costs!  

Get started by checking out the basic training video below which covers enhancing still or sparkling water with DaVinci Invigorators! Be on the look out for more videos our blog that will explain other applications for the Invigorator line as well as step-by-step instructions for creating excellent recipes, hosted by DaVinci Gourmet’s Levi Andersen.



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