Ghirardelli Presents: All-NEW Premium Vanilla Powder Base

Friday July 10, 2015 // By Matthew Moseley

Ghirardelli Premium Vanilla Flavored Powder BaseFor over 160 years, Ghirardelli has been a purveyor and pioneer in the premium chocolate industry dedicated to the strictest standards to ensure their manufacturing process results in premium, rich products.  These standards are upheld through scrutinous oversight of the chocolate making process and has made their name synonymous with decadent chocolate products.  However, it’s time to welcome a game-changer to the Ghirardelli line-up.  Meet the Ghirardelli Premium Vanilla Flavored Powder Base!  Although this is not chocolate, Ghirardelli has taken the same approach to develop this vanilla base; unwavering attention to detail and commitment to quality ingredients to produce only the finest beverages.


One Base...Infinite Possibilities for Frappés, Smoothies & ShakesVanilla Milkshake using Ghirardelli Vanilla Powder Base

Ghirardelli’s Premium Vanilla Powder Base offers an amazing foundation for creating a consistent, smooth blended drink or a creamy, flavorful hot beverage.  However, drawing inspiration from slow-churned, premium vanilla ice cream this powder will produce an elegant vanilla milkshake, smoothie, or frappé on its own.  The reason this base performs so well as a stand-alone beverage is due Ghirardelli’s choice to use real Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla.  Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla is arguably the world’s finest vanilla.  Not only is it rare and harvested only once a year, this vanilla bean delivers a sweet, creamy flavor that finishes with velvety after-tones all of which is accompanied by an enticing aroma unlike any other.  The premium ingredient in Ghirardelli’s Vanilla Powder Base is evident at first sight before you even take that first sip, because it contains specks of the real vanilla bean seeds.  

Vanilla Bean Frappé made with Ghirardelli Vanilla Powder BaseThis base is extremely versatile since it is coffee-free yet full of flavor.  Which means, you can produce an almost endless combination of blended drinks using only one product. Want a creamy fruit smoothie?  Simply add water or milk then blend with ice and your favorite syrup or choose from fresh or frozen fruit.  Want a frappé base that will add a depth of vanilla flavor without masking the intrinsic flavors of your espresso? This base will do your coffee justice.  Want to offer a thick, handcrafted milkshakes to go along with your lunch or satisfy your sweet tooth?  You guessed it, this Premium Vanilla base will do that too!  

To get you started, Ghirardelli has drafted up a flavor wheel with some excellent recipes and give you an idea of the wide array of flavors that will interact or pair well with this base; take a look here.  In addition, we’ve added their quick, easy-to-follow training videos to our Training Material section so you can see just how easy it is to make a scrumptious vanilla smoothie, frappé or milkshake.  So what are you waiting for?  Give the newest addition to the Ghirardelli powder line a taste today.

If that’s not enough, now until December 9th you can receive a $5 rebate per canister on your first order of Ghirardelli Premium Vanilla Powder Base. This offer is valid for up to 24 cans, or a $120 discount.  You can find the full details on this mail-in rebate and download the coupon here.

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