Don’t Put Your Toddy Away for Winter: 5 Reasons Your Toddy Should Be On Your Bar Year Around

Friday September 18, 2015 // By Matthew Moseley

Toddy Cold Brew System -- Celebrating the Art of Cold Brew Since 1964As the days grow shorter, the impending change of the seasons is upon us and multi-chromatic tree tops begin emerging acting as our signal to pack away all of the summer supplies.  Which means time to box up and store your Toddy, right?  WRONG, although the Toddy is best known for making delicious and simple iced coffee beverages, commonly associated with the Summer season; there are plenty of ways you can enjoy your Toddy all year along.  Don’t believe us?  Keep reading for 5 reasons why you should be using your Toddy Cold Brew system year around.  


If you’ve used the Toddy Cold Brew System before, you know that it makes brewing a batch of coffee almost effortless.  All it takes is coarsely ground coffee, filtered water, and time; which makes it ideal for prepping at closing time in order to have a fresh 2.5 gallon batch of cold brew concentrate in the morning.  Also, the clean up is even easier now that Toddy has released their paper filters which are biodegradable and compostable; which means all you need to do is pull the filter and either dispose or compost the filter with the grounds inside, rinse your brewing vessel and it’s Toddy time again! If you’re new to Toddy cold brewing or need a quick guide to troubleshoot over or under extracted coffees take a look at the recently released training video from Toddy, here!


When batch brewing coffee, a major drawback is the potential for waste.  If coffee is brewed hot,  you can’t just let it sit out at room temperature for an extended period of time and still expect the highest quality cup; not only will it become lukewarm, the flavor profile also experiences drastic changes.  With the Toddy, waste is much less common.  Each batch of Toddy cold brew coffee can be stored in your refrigerator for up to 2 weeks without any fluctuation in flavor.  Which gives you plenty of time to utilize the full batch and avoid wasting delicious coffee or overindulging to the point of incessant jitters!


If batch brewing and iced coffee aren’t what you’re looking for, then a Toddy really has no value to your business, correct?  Think again!  Toddy, as you’ve probably realized, is an immersion brewer so it seems logical that brewing a coffee in a press pot (French press) will yield the same cup of coffee as the beans would when brewed with a Toddy.  However, that’s not the case, the video below reveals that when sipped side-by-side there are very specific flavor nuances that will shine through in the brew from a Toddy that are not present when using other immersion methods.


A very common misconception of the Toddy Cold Brew system is the idea that it will only works for cold beverage applications.  This is an unfortunate and limiting mindset which is also the main justification for only using a Toddy brewer during the hot summer months.  So, how would you use Toddy cold brew coffee for a hot drink?  Since, the Toddy system produces a concentrated cold brew coffee; serving it hot is as simple as diluting your Toddy at the recommend 1 part Toddy to 2 (or 3, depending on strength preference) parts water.  Want something stronger?  Simply heat your Toddy concentrate with an espresso machine wand and the result is a hot beverage with a consistency very similar to a shot of espresso, crema and all.  Lastly, serving decaf coffee can be tricky; do you brew up a full batch, prepare on an order to order basis or just tell the customer they’re out of luck?  With Toddy, the solution is simple brew a batch of cold brewed decaf coffee because you know it will stay fresh for 2 weeks in the fridge and now you know it is just as easy to produce a hot beverage with Toddy as it is to serve a cold drink.  

Are you using espresso in your blended coffee?  You may want to reconsider.  With Toddy, you not only save time because it’s already brewed; since, it is already chilled, the cold brew concentrate won’t melt your ice which can lead to an undesirable consistency in your frappés or blended dirty chais.  The other benefit is you can now fully commit your espresso machine to quick, hot coffee service; which allows you additional freedom in choosing the layout and placement of your blended drink station because it no longer needs to be an arm’s length from your espresso machine.


Ok, I think it’s safe to say you understand the Toddy makes coffee, and it works well for both hot and cold applications.  Now what if I told you it is a tea brewing device as well?  Yes, you read that right; just like a French press or Clever can be used for coffee and loose leaf tea brewing so can the Toddy.  Furthermore, similarly to the cold brew coffee concentrate; when cold brewing loose leaf with the Toddy the resulting tea concentrate is just as stable which means it too can be stored in a refrigerator for up to 2 weeks making iced tea as well as hot tea beverage preparation fast and easy!  Best of all, the diversity of recipes you can create with your tea or coffee concentrate are pretty much endless.  To get the creative juice flowing, watch this helpful how-to recipe video from Toddy:

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