BPS Thanksgiving Schedule 2015

Thursday November 12, 2015 // By Bic Vu

Important Notice about BPS Holiday Hours - UPDATED 11/19/2015

Here at Barista Pro Shop, we are strong proponents of offering a continuous and infinite supply of caffeine.  However, the holidays are meant for spending time with friends and family; so, our owners have deemed that the BPS® Staff needs to take some time off to rejuvenate our bodies and minds.  Please be aware, that Barista Pro Shop will be closed on Thursday 11/26 reveling in how thankful we are to be able to supply awesome small businesses and caffeine fanatics such as yourself!

In addition to being closed for Thanksgiving, orders containing coffee and some of our regularly scheduled delivery routes will be affected next week.  Coffee orders placed after 11:45 am MST on Tuesday, 11/24 may not be roasted until Monday, 11/30. Please give us a call if you will be placing an order containing coffee the week of Thanksgiving. If you are planning on receiving deliveries the week of November 22nd, please give us a call to confirm which days your route will be serviced.  As always, you are more than welcome to coordinate picking up your order from any of our 3 warehouses; this option will be available everyday except Thursday 11/26.


Schedule during Thanksgiving (Week of November 22nd):

Customer Service Closed: Thursday 11/26

Bakery Closed: Wednesday 11/25 & Thursday 11/26

Roaster Closed: Thursday 11/26 & Friday 11/27

No Deliveries: Thursday 11/26 & Friday 11/27


Orders placed after 2pm (Local Time) on Wednesday, 11/25, will NOT be processed until Friday 11/27.

No Delivery routes will be serviced Thursday 11/26 or Friday 11/27.

Please give us a call toll free at 1-866-776-5288 for any questions about when you can expect to receive your orders or more details about delivery routes!

We can’t thank you enough for your continued business. From all of us here at Barista Pro Shop: Have a wonderful Holiday weekend!

 In the meantime, master this latte art!


Turkey Latte Art


How to Etch a Turkey Latte Art

Here at BPS we are constantly finding new ways to change up a latte.  In commemoration of Thanksgiving, we would like to share our Turkey Latte Art technique with you.

This etched art can be made with your choice of latte or hot chocolate.  In preparation, have your tools and ingredients ready.

Tools you will need:

Milk Steaming Pitcher

Bar spoon

Sharp tipped metal thermometer, skewer, or toothpick to etch with

Fine nozzle squeeze bottle


Espresso or hot chocolate mix of your choice

Milk (we suggest whole milk)

Chocolate Sauce (try the new Torani Salted Chocolate Caramel Sauce)


First prepare your sauce by decanting it into a fine nozzle squeeze bottle.  Check the thickness of the sauce by squeezing some out onto a napkin.  If the sauce is too runny, place it in the freezer for ten minutes.  If it is too thick, set the bottle in a bowl of hot water or on top of a warm espresso machine.

Next, make your espresso or hot chocolate base.  Steam your milk.  The key is to get a solid layer of microfoam on top of your beverage to act as a canvas for the etching.  If you are just starting out as a barista, we suggest that you spoon extra foamed milked onto the latte to give yourself a solid surface to work on.

Now for the fun part!  Starting on one side, scribble a backward “S” followed by a back and forth snake pattern.  The backward “S” will become the head and body of your turkey, and the snake pattern will become stripes for your turkey tail.  Using the end of a thermometer or another pointed tool, draw across your snake pattern towards a point at the bottom of the backwards “S”.  Pull straight lines from the edge of the cup to a radial center point.  Finally, take your pointed tool and dab an eye, and a beak.  Practice makes perfect, but at least this is a much easier than roasting a bird.

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