Mountain Cider Company - The Apple Doesn’t Fall Far From the Tree

Tuesday November 17, 2015 // By Matthew Moseley

Mountain Cider CompanyCider…It doesn’t have to be hard!

Mountain Cider Company started over 25 years ago in Vermont on a family owned apple farm that doubled as a Christmas tree farm for the Holidays. During that time of year, the winter can be harsh, especially in the New England area, which made hunting for that perfect tree a bit miserable.  In order to add some holiday cheer to their Christmas tree farm, they began serving hot apple cider to the tree farm customers.  Although all their patrons were huge supporters of this new amenity, the folks at, the soon-to-be Mountain Cider Company, had realized that forecasting their cider needs on a day-to-day basis was going to nearly impossible and lead to large amounts of waste or some unhappy, ice-cold customers. Which led to another innovation, repurposing a maple syrup evaporator to create a cider concentrate.  Alas, Mountain Cider Company was born and they began to sell Hot Spiced Cider all-year long and well outside the constraints of their farm.  Not much has changed since then, to this day, Mountain Cider Co. continues to be a family-owned business passed from father to son and operated with the same commitment to quality cider.

This story of the inception of the Mountain Cider brand unveils one of the key attributes which makes their spiced cider such a unique product.  Since the cider is so highly concentrated, it is naturally shelf-stable; meaning there are absolutely no preservatives in this product yet it never requires refrigeration. Yes, even after opening!  The reason for this is during the concentration process of the cider all of the water is removed; the lack of water combined with the strong acidity of the apples keeps bacteria from forming.  Which means storing this product couldn’t be simpler and won’t require you to sacrifice any fridge space in order to enjoy delicious apple cider!Mountain Cider Company - Hot Spiced Cider

In addition to avoiding preservatives, Mountain Cider keeps their spiced cider completely natural so there are no added sugars, artificial flavoring, or coloring.  So you know what’s in your cup was either hanging from an apple tree or growing in a spice garden not that long ago.  Add in the fact that all of their ingredients are Non-GMO, and you have a product that is gluten-free, certified Kosher, allergen free, and caffeine free which means anyone can enjoy this scrumptious cider.

So what else can you expect from Mountain Cider Company’s Hot Spiced Cider?

-7:1 concentrate

-18 month Shelf-life

-64 - 8oz. servings in each jug

-Versatile product: Easily prepare hot or cold drinks, and for the chefs out there, culinary applications

If you still don’t believe that delicious hot cider can be this easy, just watch for yourself:

Think hot apple cider is the only drink you can make with Mountain Cider? Think again! You can find their favorite, hot or cold, drink recipes by searching Mountain Cider in our Recipe Database, here.

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