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Thursday February 11, 2016 // By Lizzy Baldwin

The Chai Company Product ImageSweet, spiced, and aromatic – today, it seems like every coffee shop in America has a take on a chai beverage; but what will make your drink stand apart from the rest? Whether it’s for a chai latte or a chai-based blended cream, if you are looking for an authentic offering in the world of chai, Barista Pro Shop would like to introduce you to one of our newest brands – The Chai Company.

The Chai Company is a producer of chai concentrates. The chai is micro-brewed for twenty hours with fresh whole spices and estate grown tea. Every batch begins with a recipe that originated in the Karakorum region of Pakistan, but finishes in three different, delightful flavors: Authentic Chai, Rooibos Chai, and Spicy Oolong Chai. Each Flavor follows the same value system, but is created with different taste palates in mind. The Chai Company is dedicated to using only pure ingredients in their chai and never use additives or preservatives, creating an incredibly natural and authentic chai.

The Authentic Chai is a smooth and lightly sweetened black tea with the appropriate balance of spice. This is an authentic chai flavor – try it and we think you’ll agree. If you’re looking for something for all ages, we would suggest the Rooibos Chai. It has the same flavor as Authentic Chai, but doesn’t have any caffeine because instead of black tea it contains Rooibos herbal tea. With Rooibos Chai, don’t be afraid to let kids have this delicious drink before bed! Now, if you’re a person who likes something with a little more kick, The Chai Company offers Spicy Oolong Chai. The Spicy Oolong Chai holds true to flavor, but has stronger notes of ginger and black pepper, making it appropriately spicier.

All Flavors The Chai Company supplies are fantastic for hot drinks, cold drinks, cooking, and even spiked drinks if you’re feeling adventurous. The sky's the limit, but remember whatever flavor you choose, you can rest well knowing that all The Chai Company Products are 100% USDA Organic, Kosher, Gluten-Free, and support the Fair Trade environment. Take charge of your chai.

For more information contact a Barista Pro Shop customer service representative by calling 1-866-PRO-LATTE or visit The Chai Company's official website, here!

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