MRBC is Underway!

Thursday February 11, 2010

Today was Mountain Regional Barista Competition judge certification day.  Judges started the day taking a written test about the USBC Rules and Regulations.  They then focused their attention on taste, as they evaluated French press coffee.  The second half of the day was calibration.  Heidi from The Coffee Tree (Loveland) and Vaj from Caffé Sole and The Coffee Syndicate (Boulder) volunteered their barista skills, pulling shots and pouring capps for 3 hours, for would be judges.  After a long day, the head judges announced that everyone had passed certification!


From there, everyone headed over to Everyday Joe’s in Ft. Collins for the BGA meet and greet.  Turnout was great and the folks at Ozo jumped on the bar and issued a latté art throwdown!  Baristas threw $5 dollars in the pot and lined up to show off their skills.  The two finalists were Nolan from Ozo (an MRBC judge) and Todd Dewitt from Coffea Roasterie in SD (an MRBC competitor).  Todd was in the groove, as his head bobbed to the music, and he won the almost $200 pot with an intricate pour!  Congrats!


Tomorrow… time!!!

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