Almond Milk Steaming Made Easy With Califia Farms

Friday October 21, 2016 // By Dana Schlingman

The savvy folks over at Califia Farms have put together a quick tutorial to demystify the sometimes challenging task of steaming Almondmilk. With more and more customers asking for alternative milks, it's a skill that every barista should have in his or her arsenal.

The Take Away:

1. Positioning: The steam tip should be placed just below the surface of the Almondmilk, about a third of the way across the diameter of the pitcher (not against the side, but not in the middle either). Don't forget to keep the steam wand position steady throughout the steaming process!

2. Stretching: Be careful not to stretch the Almondmilk as much as you would regular whole milk.

3. The Pour: Pour a little sooner and keep the pitcher spout close to the liquid. 


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