Red Espresso: A caffeine free alternative with a full bodied flavor

Tuesday November 1, 2016 // By Dana Schlingman

a cup of Red Espresso - Rooibos Tea

Occasionally I’ve noticed my love of coffee drifting into an almost addict like devotion. Usually during that brief glimmer of self-awareness, I try to reign in my caffeine consumption. To avoid jitters, 2pm lethargy and restless nights, I do sometimes resort to decaf but frankly it just isn’t the same. And while I do like tea, I really enjoy my lattes - like a latte… (collective sigh). Dad jokes aside, I always keep an eye out for other options so that I have an alternative for that time I feel motivated enough to do a dietary cleanse or that moment of clarity when I realize that the 6 shot (a day) life might be a bit excessive.

One great alternative that has recently become available through Barista Pro Shop is Red Espresso. After experimenting in our training cafe and sampling a few recipes, I think this will be my new go-to drink.

Here’s why:

What is Red Espresso?

Red Espresso is not actually coffee, rather it is a South African herbal tea derived from the rooibos bush (aspalathus linearis). Pronounced ‘roy-boss,’ Rooibos means ‘red bush’ because tea produced by Rooibos leaves appears red once fermented. Unlike typical Rooibos tea, Red Espresso is finely ground and packaged to be brewed with an espresso machine.  

Why Try Red Espresso?

Be Creative With Red Espresso:

Red Espresso Latte Art - Red Espresso Recipes

Getting Started With Red Espresso:

Red Crema Basket - Espresso Portafilter

The winner of five global awards since 2005, Red Espresso is more than just a fad. It is an innovation that delivers the gourmet experience of espresso while meeting the needs of the health conscious. I am excited to see its sphere of availability expand as word spreads about this unique product.

Also, I’m glad to have another alternative in my arsenal when I find myself needing to make wiser, more moderate choices for my health.

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