Share Your Story

Monday January 9, 2017 // By Dana Schlingman

Share Your Story

As a newbie to specialty coffee and Barista Pro Shop, these past few months have been full of discovery - learning about products, brewing methods and the legacy behind the unique shops and the colorful individuals who make up this rapidly expanding industry.

So far I’ve been surprised and delighted by the unexpected commonality I’ve encountered amongst our diverse customers. As a distributor, we serve independent coffee houses, franchise coffee shops, churches, schools, caterers, individuals, nonprofits and even a skate park at one time! Yet despite their differences all seem to be cultivating community.

I think that’s my favorite aspect of this industry - its proclivity to draw people together. For many, coffee shops have become a third space between the structured environment of work and the relaxed but isolated sphere of home. The other day a friend lamented, “How do adults make friends? It was so much easier in college.” Though she was just joking, I think her observation was astute. It was easier to build friendships when everyone had a common trajectory and an excuse or obligation (depending on how you view group projects) to meet new people. In our fast paced virtual culture, it is very easy to whirl through a day without having any meaningful interaction with others outside of cyberspace. So for those longing for connection, these in between places have become vital. We see this reflected in our entertainment. It wasn’t riveting plot twists, special effects or unusual concepts that made shows like Cheers or Friends so popular - it was community.

Though I do genuinely believe in the products we sell, I think I am more captivated by the communities that they help foster and the varied but beautiful people who gather around to enjoy them.

So this year I am excited to kick off a new blog series titled: Share Your Story in which we will feature the businesses we partner with by exploring their back stories and the unique communities that they help sustain.

Naturally we’ll start at the very beginning (a very good place to start) with the story behind BPS - look for it next week!

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