Toddy Training Presentation Recap

Friday January 20, 2017 // By Dana Schlingman

A couple of weeks ago, it was our privilege to host a Toddy Presentation in our Barista Pro Shop Training Cafe. As a cold brew novice, I found the demonstration fascinating and informative.Notes: Toddy Sketch

The day before the event, the folks from Toddy brought over several Commercial and Home Models to show us how to properly set-up and fill the brewers. Though the process is quite straightforward, there are still a few common mistakes that people make:

Setting-up Toddy Coffee MakersAfter setting up all of the brewers with tea and coffee (including one with agitated grounds and another with partially saturated grounds to demonstrate the decanting and flavor disparities), they left everything to steep overnight.

Setting-up Toddy Coffee MakersThe next morning, we were surrounded by several vats of delicious brew just waiting to be tasted. During the seminar, we were able to compare the various roasts while walking through cold brewing basics. Here is a brief summary of the presentation:

What is Toddy Cold Brew?
Toddy Cold Brew is an alternative brewing method that replaces heat with time. Instead of using hot water to extract flavor, grounds or tea leaves are steeped in cold water for an extended period of time (usually 12-24 hours).

Why Toddy Cold Brew?

Decanting with the Toddy TeamWho is Toddy?
Todd Simpson developed the Toddy brewing system for his wife who loved the taste of coffee but couldn’t drink it because the acidity upset her stomach. After graduating with a degree in Chemical Engineering in 1964, Todd tasted a cup of coffee made with a liquid concentrate extracted by an ancient Peruvian process. Inspired, he designed the Toddy Coffee Maker.

Why Choose Toddy Brand?
Did you know that not all plastics are safe for food storage? Some are made with toxic adhesives and sealants that can leach out and contaminate contents (that makes one rethink that 5-gallon drywall bucket for cold brew steeping doesn’t it?).

Made with food safe NSF certified plastic, Toddy’s containers are guaranteed not to emit harmful chemicals or toxins during the brewing process. Plus, Toddy’s intuitive user-friendly design streamlines the brewing process from filtration to decanting. Because both the Home and Commercial Toddy Models have a drainage system, there’s no need to heft a heavy bucket over a strainer or fish out a makeshift, nylon-stocking filter filled with grounds (which by the way, did you know that most nylons contain formaldehyde?!).

PresentationBenefits of the Home Model:

Benefits of the Commercial Model:

Toddy PresentationShops: if cost is a concern...
Use this drink cost calculator to see how much bang you can get for your bean (or leaf - don’t forget tea). According to the profit margin, you could in theory pay for your Toddy Commercial Model with one batch of cold brew concentrate.

Toddy’s Pro Brewing Tips:
When it comes to brewing methods, the main take away that the Toddy team wanted to impart was: Experiment! Though a lot of great cold brew techniques and recipes exist, there really is no single standard that can be applied across the board. What works for one roast and one application might not for another. With so many adjustable variables the same coffee or tea could be used to craft a whole spectrum of beverages. So where to begin?

The Toddy team recommends thinking backward -

start by considering the type of drink you want to serve:

Let the end result define your approach. For example, if you want a drink with subtle nuanced flavor for a purist, start with a light roast and less time to produce a more delicate brew. Or if you need a potent concentrate that won’t be overpowered in a blended frappe, use a dark roast and more time to produce a bolder flavor.

Play Around:

Happy brewing all of you mad coffee scientists!

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