Madhava Honey

Friday April 7, 2017 // By Dana Schlingman

Order Madhava HoneyWe recently made this sweet addition to the BPS catalog. See what all of the buzz is about!

Who Is Madhava?
Founded during the 1970’s in the foothills of Colorado, Madhava’s roots run deep. The company initially began as a one man operation out of a one hundred year old farmhouse in Longmont.


Order Madhava Organic HoneyToday Madhava partners with beekeepers all over the world in order to supply only the most premium honey and natural sweeteners. Staying true to the company’s original vision and core values about sustainability, Madhava only purchases honey from beekeepers who implement conscientious beekeeping practices (such as refraining from feeding their bees corn syrup). Conscientious practices naturally ensure that Madhava’s bees live close to crops that need to be pollinated (including clover, sunflower and alfalfa). Madhava believes in fostering this essential symbiotic relationship between honey production and pollination because it not only produces tastier more nutritious honey but also more stable ecosystems. Additionally, to help the declining honeybee population, Madhava launched the “Sweet Earth Project,” a corporate initiative to save bees and enhance sustainability through education, awareness and action. Furthermore, in order to enhance the curative properties of their honey, Madhava minimizes processing. Madhava honey is low temperature melted and gently strained unlike filtered and heated commercial honeys.

Order Ambrosia HoneyOrganic Honey
Harvested from wildflower fields in Brazil, all Madhava Organic Honey is certified according to USDA’s National Organic Program and remains untainted by synthetically produced fertilizers, antibiotics, pesticides, fungicides or herbicides.

These rigorous standards yield the purest honey possible while supporting the long term health and viability of the environment and the beekeeping community in the Amazon.

Ambrosia Honey
Named ‘ambrosia’ because of its rarity, Ambrosia Honey only comes from the Rocky Mountain Region and the upper Midwest. Because of its sourcing, this rich floral honey is produced in small quantities.

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