Wednesday April 19, 2017 // By Dana Schlingman

Milkadamia Latte Da Made from raw macadamia nuts, this innovative dairy alternative is in fact as ingenious as its name.

Milkadamia comes to us all the way from Jindilli Farms nestled off the coast of Australia near Byron Bay. “Jindilli” is one of several indigenous words used for macadamia. Situated in the same region where these rainforest trees originated, Jindilli groves receive the ideal balance of rainfall and sunshine to enrich their macadamias with nutrients and flavor. Though Milkadamia alternative milk is relatively new, this 240 acre family owned farm has been operating and producing a range of products made from macadamia oils and kernels for over 40 years. With such deep roots, Jindilli’s owners believe in sustainability and the necessity of low impact farming. The Original Milkadamia blend is Non-GMO verified.

Milkadamia Bowl Health Benefits:

Boasting an array of natural health benefits, Milkadamia’s advantages extend beyond its environmentally sensitive sourcing. Milkadamia is made with unroasted macadamias and is cold processed in order to preserve the natural properties intrinsic to these miraculous nuts. Macadamia nuts contain a spectrum of unsaturated fatty acids known to improve skin and promote healing and heart health:

These fats additionally lend Milkadamia a rich taste and texture that pairs well with coffee.

Milkadamia Latte Da Barista BlendNew Latte Da Barista Blend:
Recently, Milkadamia released a new Latte Da Barista Blend specifically crafted to be steamed and combined with espresso. At CoffeeFest Nashville 2017, Milkadamia Latte Da was named the second best new consumable product in the industry. Unlike some competitors, Milkadamia Latte Da does not contain controversial emulsifiers (such as carrageenan) or a laundry list of gums. Instead it is is thickened with yam flour which is less inflammatory and easier to digest. Thus with Milkadamia Latte Da it's possible create smooth microfoam and stunning latte art without dairy or chemicals additives.

Order some Milkadamia and see for yourself why the folks at Milkadamia can so confidently claim that “Moo is Moot.”

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