Lively Libations - Let's Go Exploring (August 2017)

Tuesday August 1, 2017 // By Multiple Authors

Cheers, Santé, gān bēi, Şerefe!, L’chaim, Bsaha – بالصحة, Salud

Recipes inspired by distant places and exotic ingredientsThis month we have found ourselves inspired by ingredients and recipes from around the world. Coffee culture can look different wherever one may wander, but it always brings many of the same joys you can find close to home.


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Elyse's Albino GrasshopperElyse’s “Albino Grasshopper”

Description: As we enter the hottest days of the year, what could be more refreshing than a minty frozen drink? I have never been a world traveler, but I can only imagine sipping this combination of sweet spearmint with a dash of white chocolate in the hot Moroccan sunshine. Even at home I feel ready to take on the dog days of summer with this drink in hand!

Yield: 1, 12 oz. Drink

• 2 sachets Numi Moroccan Mint Herbal Teasan Concentrate
• 1, 60 cc. Scoop Hollander White Chocolate Frappe
• 6 oz. Hot Water
• 6 oz. Ice

Optional Garnish: Fresh Mint Leaves

Directions: Steep two sachets of Numi Moroccan Mint in 6 oz. of hot water for 5-6 minutes. Place the tea concentrate in the refrigerator to cool. Pour the chilled tea into a blender, add 1 scoop of the Hollander White Frappe and 6 oz. of ice. Blend everything until smooth.

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Tia's Tia’s “Jade Dragon”

Description: Japanese art and culture have intrigued me since I was a child. The subtle beauty in Japanese water color paintings, the unique details on chopsticks, and the wondrous artistry of a sake set have inspired my own creativity throughout the years. For this drink I took my love for hot sake and combined it with tea to create an intricate flavored cocktail that can be enjoyed with friends.

Yield: 1, 12 oz. Drink

• 1 sachet Numi Emperor's Puerh - Black Tea
• 1 oz. or four pumps Monin Green Mint Syrup
• ½ oz. or two pumps Monin Lime Syrup
• ½ oz. or two pumps Monin Lychee Syrup
• ¼ oz. or one pump Monin Pistachio
• 8 oz. Hot Water

Optional 2 oz. Sake

Directions: Steep the tea sachet in hot water for 4 minutes. As tea is steeping, add all syrups and Sake to hot water. Gently stir the sachet to mix all the ingredients. Pour mixture into a tokkuri (sake flask) and enjoy with friends.

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Dana's Irish Cider MocktailDana’s “Irish Cider Mocktail”

Description: Though more commonly lauded for their coffee and beer, the Irish have another beverage that sets them apart: cider. Like Irish fairy tales and folklore, Irish cider possesses distinct characteristics not found in others around the world. This drink is a replication of that flavor profile with crisp berry and pear notes but without the fermentation. Enjoy!

Yield: 1, 12 oz. Drink

• 1 sachet Two Leaves And A Bud Alpine Berry Herbal Tea
• 1 oz. or 4 pumps Monin Desert Pear Syrup
• 1 oz. or 1 pump Mountain Cider Hot Spiced Cider Concentrate
• 5 oz. Hot Water
• 5 oz. Ice

Directions: Steep tea bag in hot water for 6 minutes. As the tea is steeping, add the syrup and cider concentrate to hot water. Stir the tea bag gently to mix the ingredients. Pour the mixture over ice and enjoy. (This beverage is also delicious hot!)

 Optional Garnishes: Fresh Raspberries & Blueberries

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Larissa's Larissa’s “Milk & Honey”

Description: I have always been fascinated with Israel. The history and culture are so deeply rooted and I dream of being a part of it. Inspired by the land flowing with milk and honey, this drink is close to my heart! It can be made with either Numi’s Honeybush or White Rose tea, but the White Rose is only available for a limited time! This tea latte is perfectly floral and not too sweet.

Yield: 1, 12 oz. Drink

• One sachet Numi White Rose - Velvet Garden White Tea
• 12 oz. Milk
• Drizzle Madhava Ambrosia Honey

Directions: Place sachet of tea in a 12 oz. cup. Top with steamed milk and drizzle with locally sourced honey.


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Danielle's Danielle’s “Yerba Mocha”

Description: South American Yerba Maté meets Dutch processed creamy chocolate in this unique twist on a tea au lait. Enjoy the caffeine of a cup of coffee, the benefits of tea, with the added sweetness of chocolate.

Yield: 1, 12 oz. Drink

• 1 to 2 tbsp. Loose Leaf Guayaki Traditional Yerba Maté
• ½ oz. or 1 pump Hollander Sweet Ground Chocolate Sauce
• 4 oz. Milk
• 8 oz. Hot Water

Directions: Start by steeping Yerba Maté in 8 oz. of water. The tea can steep for 3-5 minutes. Steam Hollander Chocolate in 4 oz of milk, then add to your cup of Maté.


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Becky's Becky’s “Emerald Jasmine”

Description: I really enjoy the boldness of gunpowder green tea as well as the subtleties of a jasmine green tea. So when I saw that Numi makes both varieties, I had to combine them for a bold floral green tea that you can savor either hot or cold. The french vanilla syrup helps to smooth and blend the teas - painting an emerald jasmine for you to sip & enjoy. If you’d like a trifecta of green tea (with a little added sweetness), sprinkle in some matcha frappe powder to add a lovely finish.

Yield: 1, 16oz. Drink

• 1 sachet Numi Gunpowder Green Tea
• 1 sachet Numi Jasmine Green Tea
• 1 oz. or 4 pumps 1883 French Vanilla Syrup
• 14 oz. Hot Water

Optional Garnish: 1 pinch of David Rio Tea Frost Japanese Matcha

Directions: Steep both sachets in 14 oz. of hot water for 5 minutes*. Add the vanilla syrup.
Finish by sprinkling the matcha powder (if desired) onto your drink, stir, and enjoy!

Iced: Steep the two sachets in 7 oz. of water. Pour over 8 oz. of ice and add the syrup, stir, and enjoy!

Blended: Steep the two sachets in 4 oz. of water and allow to chill in the refrigerator. Add to a blender with one 60 cc. scoop David Rio Tea Frost Japanese Matcha and 8 oz. of ice. Blend everything until smooth.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Megan's Megan’s “Cafe De Miel Con Chocolate”

Description: When I lived in Guatemala for a short stent, my drink of choice was a “Cafe de Miel.” This was really nothing fancy: A latte sweetened with honey and topped with cinnamon. Something about that combination, in a beautiful setting, made for the most incredible beverage. I decided to put a spin on it when I arrived back in the states. The addition of cocoa is a total game changer! It’s rich, creamy, and immensely deep in flavor.

Yield: 1, 12 oz. Drink

• 1 tbsp. Madhava Ambrosia Honey
• 1 tsp. Hollander Masterpiece Base Powder
• ¼ tsp. Savory Spice Shop Saigon Cinnamon
• 2 shots of espresso
• 10 oz. Milk


Directions: Put the honey and Hollander Masterpiece Base Powder in the bottom of your cup. Pour the espresso shots onto the honey and cocoa mixture. Gently stir until honey and cocoa powder are completely dissolved. Cover the surface of your espresso with cinnamon. Top with steamed milk. Swirl the milk, so that you can see the cinnamon and cocoa speckle on the surface. Take a whiff of that irresistible aroma, and enjoy! (This beverage is also delicious iced.)

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