BPS Coffee Tasting Notes

Wednesday February 24, 2010

We did a BPS Coffee tasting with one of our customers on Monday, and thought we’d share our notes:

  Coffee Beans

Savvy Blend – This fair trade organic blend is smooth and buttery.  The acidity is low and it displayed a heavy body.  The finish was long with some interesting woody notes.  Woody and earthy notes were also present in the aroma.

Guatemalan Trapichitos -- This was not a typical tasting of this particular BPS conventional.  The customers present at the tasting are currently using a single origin Guatemalan as their espresso, so we decided to pull a few shots with ours.  We immediately noticed the aroma while grinding – hello citrus!  Lemons and lemon zest were the major aroma components.  Crema was significant, medium light brown, with a little dark flecking.  Taste was acidic and lacked balance.  Lemon and lemon zest persisted in the flavor.  All and all, this particular coffee is probably not at its best brewed as espresso (on its own).  However, it’s interesting to experience the differences present between brew methods.  Stay tuned, we’ll do another tasting using the Guatemalan in the French press and post the notes. 

Tanzanian Peaberry -- These small beans packed a wild, earthy punch!  This coffee was the favorite of the day with its heavy body balanced by a nice acidity.  The aroma was earthy and had a hint of bittersweet chocolate.  The earthiness carried over to the flavor.  Finish was pleasant and smooth.

Pro Blend Espresso – ‘Smooth’ just about sums it up!  Crema was nut brown in color with a touch of rust flecking.  Nice flavor balance and extremely smooth.  Slight nuttiness on the finish.

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