Lively Libations - Fall Trees & Tea Leaves (November 2017)

Wednesday November 1, 2017 // By Multiple Authors

Lively Libations - November 2017Sure to pique the interest of tea-enthusiasts, and maybe even convert the avid coffee drinker, we crafted these recipes to accentuate the subtle aroma and flavor of tea. With our unconventional “tea-time,” we explored a few unexpected tea applications in order to offer a new spin on familiar favorites and an appealing approach to unique tea blends. Let these fall-inspired teas help you settle into the season.

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Elyse’s “Divinity Kandy”Elyse’s "Divinity Kandy"

Divinity is one of my favorite candies to have with a hot cup of black tea. When I don’t have those delicious morsels on hand, this little drink is perfect.

Yield: 1, 8 oz. Drink

• 1 sachet of Smith Kandy - Blended Ceylon Black Tea
• ¼ oz. (or 1 pump) of Monin Honey Sweetener
• ½ oz. (or 2 pumps) of Monin Butter Pecan Syrup
• Whipped Cream

Optional Garnish: Pecans

Directions: Steep the tea for 5 minutes in 7 ounces of hot water (according to the package’s instructions.) Add in the syrups and top it with whipped cream. If desired, garnish the brew with a whole pecan.

More Information About Smith Tea

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Tia's Winter In The MeadowTia’s “Winter In The Meadow”

This cocktail-inspired drink was created in remembrance of summer and anticipation for winter. Both beautiful in color and flavor, this beverage is meant to be shared with others during the festive season. Great for a special occasion - simply add an ounce of gin or vodka to dress it up for holiday parties!

Yield: 1, 12 oz. Drink

• ½ oz. (or 2 pumps) of Monin Rock Melon Cantaloupe Syrup
• ½ oz. (or 2 pumps) of Monin Winter Citrus Syrup
• ½ oz. (or 2 pumps) of Monin Grenadine Syrup
• 1 sachet of Smith Meadow - Blended Chamomile Herbal Infusion
• 4 oz. of Seltzer
• 5 oz. of Hot Water
• 1 oz. of Ice

Directions: Brew the tea in 5 ounces of hot water for 5 minutes (as suggested on the package). Remove the bag and let the tea cool to room temperature. Pour the ice, syrups and tea into a shaker and shake it up! Add the seltzer then pour it into your favorite cocktail glass. Cheers!

More Information About NEW Monin Winter Citrus

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Danielle’s “Chamomile Citrus Au Lait”Danielle’s “Chamomile Citrus Au Lait”

When I was a barista I was always looking to create cozy drinks on cold days. This subtly sweet and relaxing tea au lait is sure to hit the spot on a blustery fall day.

Yield: 1, 16 oz. Drink

• 1 sachet of Mighty Leaf Chamomile Citrus Tea
• ½ oz. (or 2 pumps) of Monin Honey Sweetener
• 8 oz. of steamed Oatly Barista Edition Oat Milk
• 8 oz. of Hot Water

Directions: Steep the tea in 8 oz. of hot water for six minutes. Add the honey sweetener to the cup. Steam the Oatly and add it to the tea!

More Information About Oatly

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Megan’s “Holiday Red-Tea” Megan’s “Holiday Red-Tea”

With all of the good Thanksgiving vibes, I was inspired by orange hues, cranberries and the overall warmth of the holiday. This uniquely flavored Red Espresso drink combines my favorite elements of this holiday season.

Yield: 1, 12 oz. Drink

• 3 oz. or 2 shots of Red Espresso
• ¼ oz. (or 1 pump) of Monin Blood Orange Syrup
• ¼ oz. (or 1 pump) of Monin Cranberry Syrup
• ½ oz. (or 2 pumps) of Monin Vanilla Syrup
• 9 oz. of Hot Water

In your favorite mug, add 9 ounces of hot water and stir in all of the syrups. Using a Red Crema Plus Filter Basket and an espresso machine, pull the Red Espresso shots as directed on the package. Pour the red espresso on top. Easy as that—enjoy!

How To Pull Red Espresso Shots

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Katie’s “London Chocolate”Katie’s “London Chocolate”

This chocolate twist on a London Fog is pure comfort and a softer alternative to a mocha if you’re looking for caffeine without espresso. Bring out the citrus flavor in Earl Grey tea with a fun accent on top of the drink or use Ghirardelli’s Sweet Ground White Chocolate instead to create a “London Snow.”

Yield: 1, 12 oz. Drink

• 2 bags of Numi Aged Earl Grey - Bergamot Assam Black Tea
• 6 oz. of Hot Water
• 2 tbs. of Ghirardelli Sweet Ground Chocolate & Cocoa Powder
• 6 oz. of Milk
• ¾ oz. of Monin Vanilla Bean Sauce
• Whipped Cream
• ¼ oz. (or one pump) of Monin Winter Citrus Syrup

Steep the tea in 6 ounces of hot water for five minutes to create a concentrate. While you wait for the tea, whisk the chocolate with the milk and steam it. Stir ½ oz. of Vanilla Bean Sauce into the tea, then add the steamed hot cocoa. Top the drink with whipped cream, Winter Citrus syrup and the remaining ¼ oz. of Vanilla Bean Sauce drizzle for a decadent touch.

More Information About Ghirardelli

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Dana’s “Harvest Tea Smoothie”Dana’s “Harvest Tea Smoothie”

With the many opportunities to indulge during the holiday season, I don’t want the festivities to compromise my wellness so I chose to create something that would be kind to my body. Made with Macadamia nut milk (rich in healing, hydrating fatty acids), Harvest Greens Smartfruit (packed with leafy greens and superfood spirulina) and Two Leaves And A Bud Purpose Filled Detox tea blend, this naturally sweet treat is 100% guilt-free.

Yield: 1, 16 oz. Drink

• 2 Sachets of Two Leaves Purpose Filled Detox - Herbal Tea for Recovery (steeped in 3 oz. of water and then chilled)
• 3 oz. of Smartfruit Harvest Greens (Detox)
• 2 oz. of Milkadamia Latte Da Macadamia Nut Milk
• 16 oz. of Ice


Steep both sachets of tea in 3 ounces of hot water for 5 minutes. Remove the sachets and chill the concentrated tea. Once the tea has cooled (below room temperature), pour it along with the Milkadamia and Smartfruit into a blender. Finally, add the ice and blend everything together.

More Information About Smartfruit

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Lively Libations - Malorie’s  “Everything’s Comin’ Up Roses”Malorie’s “Everything’s Comin’ Up Roses”

I have an affinity for rose scented baths and when the chilly fall weather starts to blow through, those are all I want. This White Rose milky tea is my version of that relaxation in a cup.

Yield: 1, 10 oz. Drink

• 1 bag of Numi White Rose - Velvet Garden White Tea
• ¼ oz. (or 1 pump of) Torani Coconut Signature Syrup
• 2 oz. of Warmed Oatly Barista Edition Oat Milk (or cream)
• 8 oz. of Rose Water

Directions: Place about 20 rinsed rose petals in the bottom of a french press and pour hot water over them. Let them steep for 5 minutes. Depress the plunger and pour the rose water into a cup. Steep the tea in the cup of rose water for 2-3 minutes (as directed on the package) and remove the tea bag. Add the coconut syrup. Slightly warm the oat milk or cream and pour it over top of the tea. Use a couple petals as a garnish.

It is really important to verify that the rose water used is edible and does not have any additives. I chose to make my own because it is easy, and a great use for roses after they’ve sat on my counter a little too long.

 Numi Flavor ProfilesTorani Coconut Signature Syrup Sell Sheet

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